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Samantha Wilson, Reporter

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Loving and determined senior Gabby Zeeman has been a proactive part of the Slater community playing field hockey, triple jumping in track, managing boys baseball, being a member of Student Government Association (SGA), and showing her Bangor pride cheering with the Quarry Crew. With this passion for helping others and being hands on, Zeeman has committed to York University to become a radiologic technologist.  

“Being involved just helps me stay on top of things regarding school work and other curriculars. It fills my schedule, so it helps prevent procrastination at some points, but overall just helps me be a better student,” Zeeman said.  

Through all her activities, field hockey stands out for Zeeman as she learned survival skills and made lifelong friends.  

“Honestly, I loved getting closer with everyone and really bonding as a team this year,” Zeeman said. “We’d win together and lose together, but no matter what we’d always have each other’s backs. I’m glad to say that I’ve made new friendships that I believe could last a lifetime.” 

When she is not helping teammates on the field, Zeeman takes pleasure in hosting school events through SGA, hanging Christmas lights through the halls, running events like pep rallies, and buying toys for the less fortunate in the community. 

“I love being engaged within SGA because it makes me feel more involved in the student community and makes me more aware of what is going on throughout the school year, “Zeeman said.    

This yearning to help others led Zeeman to search for a career that could be similarly fulfilling. From the beginning she knew that she loved photography and helping others. With this, she searched for a career that could combine both interests; a radiological technologist. 

“My mom actually introduced me to it because I was telling her my likes and dislikes and she was helping me find careers. When she told me about radiological technologists, it just kind of stuck,” Zeeman said. 

Choosing a career was a walk in the park for Zeeman. She has always had a passion for helping others but is not too keen on the gory aspect of a medical career. Fortunately, being a radiologic technologist, is a happy medium. It allows her to photograph and care for people during their treatment while the doctors do the “dirty work.”  

“I knew from the beginning that I wanted to pursue a career in the medical field, but I’m not too good with blood and surgeries, also I think it could be fun to do medical imaging as well,” Zeeman said.  

Of course, Zeeman is looking forward to photographing medical images and learning her career, but she especially cannot wait to be on campus. She is eager to meet new people and get involved in her new school atmosphere.      

“Meeting new people and trying new things is what I am looking forward to while being on campus. I also can’t wait to get involved because honestly one of the things I regret about high school is not joining clubs sooner,” Zeeman said.  

After graduation, Zeeman will attend York University. Searching for the best academic school with the best financial root for her future led her to York, where she was also granted a generous scholarship for her academics.    

“The schools that fit my criteria ended up being Bloomsburg and York. I toured York back in April and I absolutely loved it there,” Zeeman said. “The campus was beautiful, and the staff and students were very helpful and welcoming. I also love the fact that their main goal is to have their students experience hands-on classes.”  

Zeeman is very eager to attend York University in the fall to turn her passion into a successful career.