Kiersten McNeely, Reporter

The following pictures are brought to you by THE SLATER YEARBOOK.

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LET’S GET PUMPED! The Lady Slaters have a pre-game rally on senior night to prepare to crush their opponents.
SMILE FOR THE CAMERA! The senior girls pose for a picture before they play one of their last games of their last season for the Lady Slaters.
NEVER BACK DOWN! Sophomore Emily Ohland goes head to head with number 8, as she tries to clear the ball from the Lady Slaters side. Ohland plays center defense on the field. Throughout the season she scored goals with her strong kick.
ZOOM! Senior Sarah Belo races towards the soccer ball, so she can take it to the opponent’s net. Belo started off the season as a forward but switched to mid-field where her talent was really shown.
FIGHT FOR IT! Senior Kelsey Sonntag runs towards the soccer ball to challenge the opponents. Kelsey played her last season as a midfielder for the Lady Slaters. Every game Sonntag would come to the field with a smile on her face, and never failed to encourage her teammates.