Paulina Poels, Reporter

Senior cheering standout Madison Toth will be attending the University of Delaware this fall, with plans to major in fashion merchandising.

Toth has been cheering for over 12 years, which made her naming as captain an even bigger accomplishment than some may realize.

“Being captain of the cheering team was a true honor. I got to lead such an amazing group of girls and had my senior best friends by my side to help me. I had dreamed of becoming a varsity cheerleader when I was six years old. I would go to every Friday night game and sit right in front of the cheerleaders to watch them. At this point I didn’t just want to be on the varsity team, but I wanted to be captain when I became a senior,” Toth said. “My dream I had for more than 10 years finally came true. I got to talk to, and see little girls just like me watching from the stands and cheering for me and my team. It is the most surreal feeling realizing that one of my little girl dreams became a reality, even though it was just a high school sport.”

Cheering isn’t the only thing that Toth has been a part of at BHS, either. She is a member of several different clubs and a four-year member of several.

“I have been a varsity cheerleader for four years and a captain this past season. I joined National Honor Society this year. I am a three-year member of French Honor Society, a four-year member of Student Government and treasurer this year, a four-year member of the symphonic band, and a yearbook editor for this year,” Toth said.

Toth is the true definition of a Slater. She feels pride for her town, is always willing to help out, and has plenty of school spirit. She truly bleeds maroon and white.

“It’s corny and cheesy but I loved just being at all the events–Cheering at basketball and football games, attending pep rallies, participating in band concerts, going to the musical, sitting in the Quarry Crew when I wasn’t cheering, going to the dances, participating in all the SGA events. I loved all of it. I loved supporting my friends and classmates, and I loved supporting the school,” Toth said.

This past fall, the powderpuff tournament returned to BHS after a hiatus due to COVID, but with a twist: an all-boys cheerleading squad. Toth coached the boys in only three days and made them into surprisingly good cheerleaders who were a hit with the fans and will surely be back next year.

“One of my highlights was coaching the powderpuff cheering team. The boys genuinely tried hard and were so invested in learning everything which made it even more enjoyable. Jane Miller and I really enjoyed the practices and getting to see them finally show everyone on the night of the game,” Toth said.

Armed with the vast skillset she gained through her high school experiences, Toth plans to take things to the next level as she majors in fashion merchandising at UDel.

“I love clothes and everything fashion. I love to analyze the personal styles of people around me and I think what a person chooses to wear can say a lot about their personality. So yes, I do just love clothes, but I also have a fascination for the business side of it all. I want to learn how to predict trends, bring more sustainability to the industry, work with designers, and style models at fashion shows. It is a really cool major and will allow me to be get a job in the fashion business industry,” Toth said.

The University of Delaware ranks in the top 10% of schools for fashion merchandising in the east, making the accomplishment of acceptance even bigger for Toth.

“The fashion merchandising program at UD is incredible and has an extensive list of opportunities and internships that I can become involved in. UDel is only about 2.5 hours away from home, which means I can still surprise my family with a last minute weekend visit. I also genuinely want to know why out of all possible mascots, the University of Delaware picked a blue hen. Why is it blue? Why is it a hen? So many questions that I must answer in my 4 years,” Toth joked.

Being a lifelong Slater has been an advantage for Toth, but she is still quite excited to go see new places and do new things.

“I am most excited to be immersed into a new environment. I have lived in Bangor for 18 years and have been surrounded by the same amazing people for the entire time. I loved the security and routine, but I am also so excited to meet new people, experience new places, and new independency. I am excited to experience a change and I am excited for the freedom that will come along with it,” Toth said.

Fashion is one of the most difficult yet rewarding industries to go into. Perhaps Toth will be the next Miranda Priestly, or maybe she’ll stay behind the scenes and be what makes the industry work. Either way, she’ll find success.

“In 10 years, I hope to be happy. I hope that I am living somewhere in NYC working in fashion. I just hope to be surrounded by encouraging people and living out my dream of living in one of the fashion capitals of the world,” Toth said.