Jenna Fey, Reporter

Senior Samantha Gutierrez, throughout high school, enjoyed her research class and Slater Chorale most. She has a plan to further her education in finance and major in business and accounting. 

Why is finance an area you’d like to focus?

I would like to help those that are struggling financially and help them get a handle on their financial lives as living paycheck to paycheck isn’t an ideal life. Ultimately, I would like to open my own firm.

Who is your biggest mentor and how has he/ she contributed to your life?

“Mrs. Davidson, she has been my teacher from sixth grade to eighth grade and has helped throughout high school in marching band.”

What makes Mrs. Davidson unique?

“She has made a huge impact on my life helping me through many milestones and encouraging me to persevere. She has taught me most of my skills (music wise) and has taught me about many life skills and challenges.”

What activities (Sports, Clubs, Jobs) have you done throughout high school?

Marching band, Women’s Chorale, Slater Chorale, SADD, Aevidum (Secretary), Speech and debate, volunteer at Bloom, worked many jobs outside of school, pep band.

What was it about research and Slater Chorale that thrilled you?

Research allowed me to gain experience for further careers and broke me out of my shell. Slater Chorale has taught me many skills a musician should have and allowed me to develop a family in the music department.

What position were you in Slater Chorale, what were your responsibilities?

In Slater Chorale, I learned music and this year also learned ASL for a song. Slater Chorale and Women’s Chorale allowed me to grow mentally and was a safe place for me.

List your accomplishments with Slater Chorale.

In Slater Chorale, we have won many awards through different competitions. We have also performed for the Women’s Club.

How has Slater Chorale Influenced you in a positive way?

Much like band, choir has allowed me to grow physically and mentally while gaining great life skills and people skills.

What people at Slater Choral mattered to you the most, and why?

Mr. Di Minico has taught us many great skills and has taken time out of his life to ensure we had the practices we needed.

What is your favorite memory or thing to do with Slater Chorale?

My favorite memory and my favorite thing to do at Slater Chorale was rehearsals and concerts. While rehearsals were always harder as we were striving for the best, they allowed us to learn a lot and the concerts acted as a reward. As we showed off everything, we cared to put time into and learn.

What position were you in Aevidum and what were your responsibilities?

I was the secretary, so I attended meetings, took notes, and was an active member of the club. Aveidum mattered to me a lot and I liked that the club creates a positive space in high school.

What people at Aveidum mattered to you the most, and why? 

I appreciate Mrs. Lobb for donating her time to make this club possible.

What is your favorite memory or thing to do with Aveidum ? 

As a combined SADD and Aveidum member, we packed cookies for prom as well as placed positive sticky notes on all the lockers which were two of my favorite memories.

What position were you in Marching band and what were your responsibilities? 

In marching band, I attended rehearsals, learned my sets, and played the music while moving sets, and I was always open to change. Marching band allowed for a safe space to grow mentally and physically.

List your accomplishments with marching band.

In marching band throughout high school, we have participated in US Bands and Cavalcade bands for competitions; we have won many awards and gained experience from each event.

How has marching band influenced you in a positive way?

Marching band taught me many life skills such as time management and people skills.

What people at marching band mattered to you the most, and why?

I appreciate the staff for teaching us and taking us to events to gain experience.

What is your favorite memory or thing to do with marching band?

My favorite thing to do with marching band is Competitions were always great as well has Friday night football games.