Rose Chen, Daniela Safieva, Reporters

Bangor’s dedicated Student Government Association brightened the hallways with decor fit to warm up the coldest of seasons. Thanks to their hard work, Slaters walking into school each morning were greeted with bright lights, delightful trees, and glittering ornaments!

CHEER! Juniors Kennedy Lutz and Ashley Richards prepare the next ornament to fill the halls with festive cheer and anticipation for the holiday season. Decorating at the beginning of December has become a Slater tradition.
WHAT’S SNOW FUNNY? Juniors Blake Kornafel, Aubreana Collura, and Grace Plimpton crack jokes as they construct a snowman for Bangor’s most heavily trafficked hallway. Each year students create a different winter theme for the hallway.
BEHIND THE SCENES! Juniors Addison Karasek and Logan Rusche prep the ornaments so they’re ready to go on ceilings and trees. This painstaking work takes hours!
UP TO SNOW GOOD! Junior Sara Greene adds a unique ornament (Blake Kornafel) to the wall. One of the best parts about being in a Slater club is making memories with friends.
THAT’S A WRAP! Juniors Jensyn Buist and Blake Kornafel stop to admire their work and begin to feel the holiday spirit. This holiday decor brightened the halls till the end of February.