Katie Snyder, Reporter

Leo Club, run by Mrs. Mennell, hopes to make the world a better place by providing young people with opportunities for development and contribution as members of the local community.

At BAHS, Leo Club and its members run the Blood Drive, which is held in the fall and spring, and hold others fundraisers to help raise money for vision related causes and Operation Graduation as well.

The Blood Drive is run with help from Miller Keystone Blood Bank. This helps fill the blood bank and benefit the people who are sick and in need. Students must be sixteen and older to donate blood.

In the past, Leo Club has donated to Leader Dogs For The Blind. This organization is dedicated to treating clients respectfully, providing them with high-quality service. Members of Leader Dogs For The Blind help train seeing eye dogs. These dogs provide aid for the blind or visually impaired, helping clients attain lifelong skills and maintain independent daily travel.

Locally, Leo Club donates to Operation Graduation every year. Operation Graduation is a fun event seniors can go to the day after graduation, where it’s an alcohol, drug, and cellphone free zone.

Not only does being a Leo Club member help the community, but it builds leadership skills, increases self-confidence, provides students a sense of identity and pride, and looks great on an application form for college.

“Leo Club is a very full filling environment. All of the members work very hard to help the community and uphold the Leo Club motto,” Leena Pintande, Leo Club President, said.

Leo Club meets in room 215 on the first Wednesday of each month after school. To join Leo Club students can attend to their next meeting on October 20.