Gabby Zeeman, Editor

With a 9-9 record, the girls tennis team worked together to make it to districts once again through teamwork and unity.  

Setting and reaching goals was a big part of the girls’ season. Through this, the team had multiple accomplishments, which included making it to districts for the second year in a row, as well as working on smaller, but important skills, such as communication and working well as a whole. 

“We worked on communicating well with each other and focused on playing as much time as we could,” senior Jen Labar said. 

Standout games included five shut out wins against Wilson, Pen Argyl, and Palisades. Bangor also managed to flip Pleasant Valley with a 4-3 win.  

With the season’s stand out matches, come stand out players as well. Sophomore Gioia Beltrano has grown as a player and has done really well playing with her 2nd doubles partner, Emily Gordon, carrying the best record with 12-6.  

“Gioia played exhibition last year and jumped right to varsity as a sophomore. She definitely improved a lot and was able to show it during every match,” senior Gordon said.  

Hard work and practice strongly impacted her skills, but Beltrano couldn’t have accomplished all that she did without her friends and family’s support throughout her journey. 

“Although the team is super supportive and encourages me, Emily Gordon has especially helped me through this whole season,” Beltrano said. “She always boosts my confidence in the match when I get upset and she’s one of the most supportive people I know.” 

Senior captain Bailey Andreeko is another stand out player that deserves recognition. Not only did she compete through the first round of district singles, but she also earned the sportsmanship award due to her respectful style of play and admiration shown towards others.  

“I’m very honored to be given this award. My coach said I’m the first person to receive it for Bangor tennis, so I’m excited about it,” senior Andreeko said. 

Although the seniors are sad that this was their last season, they’re glad to have had the opportunity and experience to play with new and familiar faces. 

“I think we all can agree that tennis was a big part of our high school careers. We’re sad that it’s over, but are happy with the unforgettable memories that have been made,” senior Kaitlyn Merklinger said. 

Looking forward to next year’s season, players notice that improvement and preparation are key components when it comes to success. 

“I think there is always room for improvement. As a team, I think that we could improve our footwork; going to coordinated health sessions after school, as well as the Northwood practices held on Saturday’s, should really help our team be more prepared for next season,” junior Giavanna Murgia said.  

As the girls continue to prepare, push, and work together, they should expect a bright future ahead of them for next year’s tennis season.