Katie Snyder , Reporter

Diligent and intelligent, Ashlee Meeker takes home the gold for Slater pride by earning October’s freshman student of the month.

“I guess all of my school work finally paid off. It’s nice to see my hard work being acknowledged,” Meeker said.

Out of all of her classes, Meeker believes she stands out the most in world history, taught by Mrs. Verbeke.

“I love Mrs. Verbeke so much! She motivates by letting us know that we have it in us to do our best,” Meeker said, “Her teaching style is a lot more different than my other schools’.”

Before coming to Bangor, Meeker attended not one, but five different schools. These included Coolbaugh Learning Center, Coolbaugh Elementary, Clear Run Elementary Center, Clear Run Intermediate School, and Arts Academy Charter Middle School.

Now a proud Bangor Slater, Meeker is an active member in Freshmen Class Cabinet. Out of school, Meeker participates in a dance studio called K&K. Meeker is especially excited to go to the weekend long Omega Competition, where dancers take classes to prepare for their dances.

Whether Meeker is hitting the books or breaking it down on the dance floor, she will always give 100 percent.