Kaley Casagrande, Reporter

The BHS band department is looking forward to a magical performance on Saturday, December 9 in The Magic Kingdom of Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida.

With over a year of planning under their belt and multiple fundraisers consisting of fruit sales, wreaths, and cheesecakes, the band department is ready to perform.

In just four practices, the band department prepared a marching routine to perform in the Disney Parade with all members of the band department, even if they are not in marching band.

This means members who are not in the marching band had to learn how to march in this short amount of time, even though the musical piece and routine is different than anything they have ever learned.

“I think we will do well because it is an easy, fun, song that people enjoy performing and we are all so excited to march down in the parade,” junior Morgan Pysher said.

Upon their arrival Thursday afternoon, the rest of the students’ day will be dedicated to fun-filled activities.

Friday will be the band’s busiest day of the long weekend. They will make their parade debut around 12 p.m., and are the last band to march through the pre-parade, leading into the Christmas Parade.

The band will then attend a Cirque du Soleil show later that night.

“It should be pretty cool to see Cirque du Soleil because our halftime show this year was actually from the Cirque Show,” senior Katie Lasher said.

The rest of the weekend will be full of magical Disney entertainment before they take the fly back to PA Sunday afternoon.