Katie Snyder , Reporter

Musically inclined and active Bangor Slater senior Coleen Burke has shown that through diligence and commitment she can achieve great things.

“I am currently president of ecology club and an active member of SGA (Student Government Association). I am also in band, choir, and in this year’s musical,” Burke said.

Burke has been playing the French horn for eight years and has been the section leader throughout all of her years in high school.

“I have been in bands since fourth grade, and it has taught me how to dedicate myself, and how to work for what I want to achieve in life,” Burke said.

Burke is also the alto section leader for the choir, Women’s Choir, Chamber Choir, and now the alto section leader in the 16 Choir. The 16 Choir is new to Bangor Area High School and is even more selective choir. The students usually sing in an eight part harmony.

“I have been very dedicated to performing and being part of the music department as long as I could be, I would not be who I am today without my music,” Burke said. “Being in the music department, it has helped me with not only my performance, but it has also helped me gain my determination for everything I do.”

In addition to singing in choir, Burke will be in the ensemble for this year’s school musical, 42nd Street, where she will have both solo lines in a song and speaking lines.

“I’ve been in plays and musicals since I was six years old,” Burke said. “This will be my sixth musical for Bangor, but I have also been in outside musicals like The King and I at the Shawnee Playhouse.”

Despite her impressive musical history, Burke will switch gears for college.

Burke plans to attend to East Stroudsburg University for a biology and health major to further become a physical therapist. She will be going to ESU for her first four years and then enroll into a doctoral for physical therapy when she graduates.

“I’ve always wanted to be a physical therapist, and I’m pretty much excited to see what college will bring on for me,” Burke said.

With the impressive amount of work Coleen Burke has put into her studies and musical talents, she is bound to succeed throughout college and her career as a physical therapist.