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Nathan Gilmartin, Reporter

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The Slate, our Literary Magazine, is seeking material to publish, and it needs student help! The purpose of the magazine is to allow students to share their creativity through their writings and drawings. 

The Slate allows people to submit anonymously so they will feel more free when creating their submissions. Though, if writers feel the desire to receive credit for their hard work, it serves as an inexpensive means to publish amazing work for all to see. Even faculty members can have content printed!  

A common misconception about The Slate might be that only those who are a part of the club can submit poems, drawings, stories, et cetera. However, anyone can submit. Submission boxes are conveniently located in most English and Art classrooms. Writers can also donate their work by e-mailing it to [email protected] New full-time members are also welcome; currently, The Slate is rather understaffed and is trying to enlist new talent. Its crew will always accept members who are dedicated and hardworking. 

The Literary Magazine Club publishes two issues per year: one fall/winter edition, and one spring/summer edition. Meetings occur twice every month, but also almost every day during times in which the magazine is nearing publication. As staff work on compiling these collections of art, the club often discusses the necessary prerequisites for publishing, as well as ways to get more people involved with their efforts.  

Club members have roles of creating material for the magazine and giving their own ideas of what the club should do. For instance, a typical meeting may involve creating posters and coming up with new, interesting ways to promote the cause. The trouble is, less and less artwork has been sent to them over the years. 

Club advisor Mrs. Rabbat, editor-in-chief Ariella Menecola (who has the responsibility of reviewing and formatting the entire magazine), co-editor Nathan Gilmartin (charged with looking over the magazine to catch anything that the editor-in-chief may have missed, as well as dreaming up innovative, thought-provoking prompts for the new “word-jotters” contest), art editor Eve Lanier (who makes prompts for the art contest, another recent addition), and their faithful colleagues have worked tirelessly to spread awareness of the need for submissions, as the magazine needs a variety of authors and ideas in order to make things interesting.  

Students interested in contributing to The Slate should check out the new contests, such as the “If” contest, and the previously mentioned art and “word-jotter” contests. The magazine’s cover will be selected from submissions, so student designs could possibly be on the front page! The first issue will be released before Christmas break.