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Meagan Hoffman, Editor-in-Chief

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Fun-loving senior Jacqueline Greene has brightened Bangor High School’s halls with her vibrant smile and personality to multiple Bangor clubs and organizations and will pursue a career in broadcasting. 

Greene is extremely involved within the Slater community as president of Speech and Debate club, vice president of SADD, public relations officer of the Trailblazers Club, and member of Leo Club, Student Government, Class Cabinet, Ecology Club, choir, and the varsity cross country team.

“I wanted to make a positive impact within the school community, and the best way to do that is to become as involved as I can,” Greene said.

Before Greene got off on the right foot into the world of cross country, she played as a forward on the Lady Slaters varsity soccer team. In the midst of her junior season, Greene unfortunately tore her ACL and meniscus during practice. Sitting the bench, Greene pondered how she could continue to be involved in athletics the following year.

“Tearing my ACL and meniscus really altered my athletic path. I decided to give contact sports a rest after talking it over with my parents, but I still wanted to participate in some form of a sport. That’s when I found cross country,” Greene said. “The atmosphere and the team is really amazing and I didn’t realize how much I would actually enjoy running 3.1 miles multiple times a week. I honestly wish I had joined sooner, but I made the most of my first and last season.”

When she’s not running on rigid terrain, Greene is organizing and leading Speech and Debate club. Joining her junior year, she has tremendously improved her communication skills, leading to her election as president of the club.

“We are a very small and innovative group working together to improve our public speaking skills, and eventually compete in a debate. As president of the club, my responsibilities entail creating the itinerary for each meeting and collaborating with the other group members to ensure everything is completed,” Greene said. “I am very passionate about speaking to people and public speaking will hopefully help me with my future in communications.”

When she’s not debating and arguing over politics at debate club, Greene is helping to spread awareness about drugs and alcohol with SADD.

“We encourage students to make healthy and productive decisions, as well as drug and alcohol awareness presentations to get the message out there about the dangers students can face everyday. I feel that I really connect and agree with everything the club does, and the information that we learn about is really interesting. It’s everything a club should be, honestly,” Greene said.

Hiking her way to the top of the Trailblazer’s club, Greene was elected as public relations officer of the green eco-friendly organization.

“Hiking is one of my favorite activities, so it was only natural for me to join the club. We clean trails, go on hikes, and generally try to conserve the planet as much as we can. I really feel honored to be a public relations officer for this club because I feel like I can have more of an impact and that I am making a difference,” Greene said.

Putting down her backpack and picking up a paintbrush, Greene considers herself an amateur artist. With this long-time hobby, Greene hopes to continue appreciating and creating art in the future.

“Art is one of my favorite hobbies. I think it’s actual magic that people so talented can create these gorgeous pieces just from their hands. It’s a really big stress reliever for me too, and it’s something I plan on pursuing for the rest of my life,” Greene said.

Greene plans to major in broadcasting/communications in college, which will allow her to utilize the important skills she gained from her leadership roles within Bangor High School. 

“I feel really comfortable in front of the camera, and I just feel passionately about spreading important news to the viewers who are looking to be informed about the community and country,” Greene said.

With impressive skills and a contagious personality, Greene will thrive on any path the future holds.