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Meagan Hoffman, Editor-in-Chief

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Vibrant senior athlete Morgan Pysher has taken full advantage of her time as a Slater. From earning her place as goalie on the Bangor Varsity Field Hockey team to being declared Speech and Debate Club Vice President, Pysher does it all. Taking her athletic career and activities to the collegiate level, Pysher has committed to attending Southern New Hampshire University to play Division II field hockey.

“I have just always been involved in so many activities ever since I was pretty young, so when I came to high school it just felt natural to try and become as involved as possible,” Pysher said. “I feel like I have a really great connection with the school and with a lot of people in it.”

Pysher earned the role of captain of the 2018 varsity field hockey team after excelling in her position as goalie for four years. 

“Being named captain felt so redeeming. I have put so much work and dedication into the Bangor field hockey program and for that to be given back and have the chance to lead my team for my final year was so amazing,” Pysher said.

Inspired by her mom, Pysher reluctantly joined the Bangor Middle School Field Hockey team unaware of the massive success the sport would bring to her.

“My mom definitely is my biggest supporter and inspiration. I actually did not want to play field hockey at first, but she pushed me into it and I could not be more thankful,” Pysher said.

In the goal, Pysher is focused and ready for any swift attempt to score against Bangor from any opponent team.

“When I’m on the field and in the cage it’s like nothing else matters. It’s just me and the ball. Of course I don’t always get action, but even when our offense scores it’s like that is the only thing that matters, which is amazing,” Pysher said. 

Moving into the future, Pysher will attend Southern New Hampshire University to major in law and politics, as well as continuing her field hockey career.

“I really loved the area and the campus. I also connected with the coaches and players really well. Everything reminded me of the Bangor Field Hockey team and that was exactly what I was looking for,” Pysher said.

Inspired by her fascination in debating and the legal system, Pysher’s plan to major in law, and politics fits perfectly.

“I like debating and I also understood elements of the American legal system better than any other subject. I would like to be a prosecutor and I love being able to give people a chance at peace who have gotten a bad run at life,” Pysher said.

Preparing for her field, Pysher has already taken courses in high school to ensure her readiness for college.

“I immediately took all of the law classes the school offers, such as business and personal law freshman year. I have also been an active member of the Speech and Debate club, which helped improve my argumentative skills,” Pysher said.

Pysher is prepared to fly the nest of Bangor, but will miss the hometown feeling.

“I love the chemistry of being on a team, it’s like being a part of a family. I’m really going to miss the people here. I’ve made so many friends and being almost seven hours away from home is going to be challenging,” Pysher said.