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GG Murgia, Editor

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Musically-inclined senior Aimee Bealer has been singing her way through high school, whether it’s on stage with the choir or jamming out to her favorite tunes in the car. Taking her musical talent with her, Bealer plans to attend Lebanon Valley College to study Audio and Music Production.

From the moment Bealer joined Bangor’s Music Department in 7th grade, she knew that it was something she wanted to stay involved in. As a member of Chamber Choir, Women’s Chorale, and PMEA District Choir, she has found her passion for music.

“I love being a part of the music department because it feels like one giant family,” Bealer said. “We all enjoy music and we are always there to support each other through all of our successes and failures.”

Although Broadway Night ranks high on Bealer’s list of favorite choir events, the annual musical is not far behind. When Bealer found out that this year’s musical was Mamma Mia, she was overjoyed.

“I was so excited to find out we would be performing Mamma Mia because I remember how much I enjoyed the movie when I watched it the first time in middle school,” Bealer said. “To prepare for this year’s show, I watched Mamma Mia each week this summer and I’m constantly singing all of the songs in the car.”

Besides getting to learn all of the catchy songs and fun choreography, Bealer is excited to grow with everyone involved in the show and she simply cannot wait to perform on stage once again.

Over the years, Bealer has grown tremendously on and off stage. She wouldn’t be the person she is today if it were not for Mr. DiMinico’s support and guidance.

“Mr. D has not only helped me grow as a musician, but also as a person,” Bealer said. “He helped me discover what I truly want to do for the rest of my life, and for that I am very grateful.”

Taking words of wisdom from Mr. DiMinico, Bealer is well on her way to success as she continues her educational and musical career as a Flying Dutchman at Lebanon Valley College.

“From the minute I walked on LVC’s campus, it felt like a home away from home and I could literally picture myself growing as a person there,” Bealer said.

With Bealer’s musical background, it’s no surprise that she plans to major in Audio and Music Production in hopes of one day making music in a recording studio.

“Whenever I see the board in a recording studio, I get really excited,” Bealer said. “I once saw this documentary on one of Jon Bellion’s albums and it showed him producing the entire album and I became very intrigued about the production side of music. That’s when I knew Audio and Music Production was what I wanted to major in.”

Bealer can hardly wait to attend Lebanon Valley College where she can turn her love of music into a fulfilling career.