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Meagan Hoffman, Editor-in-Chief

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Directed by Mel Samski, Hallmark’s  Journey Back to Christmas incorporating romance, magic, and wonder, tugs at the heart strings—and it’s my new favorite Christmas movie. I highly recommend adding this heartwarming tale to the holiday break watchlist. 

The film centers around World War II nurse Hanna (Candace Cameron Bure) who time travels 71 years into the future after a magical comet sprinkles its mysterious powers over her. After sifting through the massive confusion of seeing modern cars, clothing, and architecture, Hanna must learn to adapt to the 21st century. As daunting as this may seem, she receives tremendous help from a kind-hearted family that resides in town. And, of course, after a striking revelation, the true purpose of her trip is uncovered: to bring Christmas spirit back to the town she once called home.

Full House star Bure, who has become Hallmark’s go-to actress for its holiday tales, nails her dramatic performance as an old-timey “damsel in distress.” Devoted Hallmark Christmas movie lovers are used to seeing Christmas saved, but few do it as charmingly as this ‘40s girl next door. With her unique era style and stunning red lipstick look, Bure strikes the perfect tone and elevates Christmas love story above standard Hallmark presentations, which, we can all admit can get a little—okay, A LOT corny.

Of course, this film still has all the trappings of a normal Hallmark movie: the overdose of Christmas decorations, the sweet, yet so predictable, love story, and the gorgeous protagonist that saves the day. What makes this film stand out from the rest is the slight genre twist that boosts the magic—as in literal magic. 

The talk of the town is that a magical “Christmas Comet” will pass over soon, and no one is quite sure the extent of its powerful abilities. Unexpectedly, Hanna experiences first-hand the power of the comet that sends her 71 years in the future. The element of science and mystery is truly intriguing, entertaining, and, most of all, fun. It also opens the gateway to a heartwarming and satisfying twist.

While Hallmark isn’t exactly a place where “filmmaking” is renowned, once again Journey Back to Christmas shines. Samski’s exquisite job of matching the past with the present throughout the entire complex story is quite impressive. 

The opening scenes of the film show Hanna walking through town and daily life in the ‘40s, and it’s fascinating to watch the characters mingle in the future and reveal the history of the buildings to Bure, not knowing that she personally lived during the era.

This Christmas hit is a must-see and will leave you with a smile on your face, and in your heart. 

Journey Back to Christmas is sure lift holiday spirits, so head over to Amazon Prime Video to rent it (turn the bolded into a link) or, if you have Hallmark Movie Channel, set your device to record so you too can feel the magic of the Christmas Comet.