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Tinia Burke, Reporter

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Kind hearted senior Morgan Shriver, who is an avid member in the Bangor music program, will deviate from her love of the arts to pursue pharmaceutical science after high school.  

Shriver’s love for music started when she was in middle school. She hoped for a way to channel her creativity and overcome her shyness, so she joined music and theater programs. Since then she has been an active member in her school community participating in Chamber Choir, Top 24 Choir, marching band, and theatre.  

“The music programs at the school are my safe place,” Shriver said. “When I’m having a bad day, I know I can come talk to Mr. DiMinico or my friends from choir to cheer me up. Additionally, the music program allows me to express creative side. Singing is my passion, and these programs allow my passion to grow.” 

Ultimately Shriver’s love for music is surpassed by her desire to help people. At Bangor, Shriver is a part of class cabinet and collects recycling with the Ecology Club to help her school community. Shriver joined those clubs due to her friends’ influences but stayed because she enjoyed being active in making the world a better place. 

With this desire to improve people’s lives, Shriver plans to attend Northeastern University in Boston to study pharmaceutical science, followed by studying pharmaceuticals and toxicology in graduate school.

“I am interested in pharmaceuticals due to my own personal experiences with medicine. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder when I was ten years old and became fascinated with how the medications were able to help me,” Shriver said. 

Even though Shriver does not yet have a great deal of experience in this field, she has been given the opportunity to become acquainted with the pharmaceutical industry in the upcoming year. 

“My dad works at Johnson & Johnson as a logistics analyst, so he gave me a few binders of information on the pharmaceutical industry. Starting in January, I will be a part of the St. Luke’s partnership program and I will most likely be shadowing the pharmacists during this program,” Shriver said. 

In addition to her father, Shriver was inspired by her grandmother, while growing up, to go into the Pharmacology and Toxicology field. 

“I am inspired by my grandma,” Shriver said. “She has spent her entire life caring for other people and putting out a positive energy. Her life had not been easy, but she always kept a smile on her face. That is exactly what I strive to do in my life.” 

With her senior year coming to an end, Shriver is excited and ready to start her journey discovering the world on her own. 

“I am so excited about graduation coming up,” Shriver said. “I am more than ready to study what I love in a new place, and I am excited to see more of the world than this little town.” 

With big aspirations and high hopes, Shriver is ready to thrive as her journey continues.