Meagan Hoffman, Editor-in-Chief

Muddy cleats, messy hair, and smiles on all faces, the seniors won the 2018 Championship Powderpuff football game after three years of suffering loss after loss. Coached by Mr. Ziegenfuss and Mrs. Buck, the team finally reaped the benefits of its never-ending efforts towards redemption.

“It felt like a ‘finally’ moment. Over the years our class has been doubted so much and honestly it’s so disappointing. But winning was so overwhelming, as if everything we’ve worked for over the past four years finally clicked. I wouldn’t trade the memory for anything,” senior Emily LaBar (RB) said.

During their first game against the freshmen, the energetic seniors dominated the field and started their night on the right foot winning 33-20. Under the direction of Mr. Madden, Mr. Krohn, and Mr. Perelli, the optimistic freshmen gave 110% every play, but just didn’t have the experience needed to defeat the seasoned seniors.

“Losing to the seniors was rough. Every freshmen team has hope that maybe somehow they can beat the mighty seniors. We were no different, we thought we were going to be the ones to finally do it. Losing was just really depressing, especially after having such a great comeback,” freshman Emma Naysmith (RB, CB) said.

Moving into the second game of the night, the juniors and the sophomores, coached by Mrs. Branning and Miss Pany, battled head to head, but by the end of the second half the juniors came out on top. Winning 28-0, the juniors utilized all of their skills from practice with coaches Mr. Egner and Mr. Thomas. 

“It was great to win against the sophomores because they were all talking about how they were going to beat us, so we had to show them we could beat them. It was great,” junior Danielle Hess (QB) said.

To brighten up the spirits of the unfortunate losing teams, the sophomores and the freshmen had the opportunity to play one last time this season in the consolation game. Despite being highly underestimated, the freshmen pushed through and won 14-0.

With the semi-final rounds complete, the seniors and the juniors, electric energy flowing through their veins, hit the field one last time in the 2018 Powderpuff Championship game. 

“As fun as the past three years of playing were, it was never fulfilling because we lost every year to the seniors,” senior Paige Terrette (RB, CB)  said. “Our last year was really surreal, playing under the lights, winning both games, and getting that trophy.”

After a tough battle between the upper class teams, the scoreboard clock hit zero and displayed a close score of 18-6, making the seniors the newest owners of the powderpuff trophy.

“For three years in a row we all played together and all tried working to improve our game strategy. This was our last time to play on the field as a team, and we knew we needed to make our mark,” senior Hannah Frankenfield (WR, LB) said. “Playing the last few minutes of the game were the best minutes of my senior year; playing with all of my friends, experiencing that rush of adrenaline, and giving our all. And we did just that, and we won.” 

As the seniors rode home with a win under their belts, the girls felt accomplished and satisfied with their performance. Their mighty win was the best way to kick off the rest of senior year.