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Avery Schiavone, Reporter

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Well-rounded senior Noah Berger dedicates his time to his athletics like varsity track and field, golf, and basketball, where he lit up the court this season.  

Berger dropped an impressive 31 points in the Slaters’ big win over the Wilson Warriors. He found himself having an important role on Bangor’s varsity basketball team.   

“This year, I played the one, two, and three. It was important so I can help my team as much as possible as I play my role,” Berger said. 

Berger who sparked an interest in playing basketball when he was younger, credits his grandfather as the main reason behind his inspiration to play.  

“My grandfather was a great basketball player growing up, so hearing about his basketball career interested me to play,” Berger said.  

Berger keeps this inspiration close as he works to overcome obstacles and challenges during season.   

“The most challenging part is pushing yourself every day at practice and in games to get better,” Berger said.  

He worked hard to maintain his mental focus on the court and put his full effort into every game.  

Although there were hard fought games that were lost, Berger has taken away and improved upon many valuable aspects such as leadership and communication that helped contribute to many of the Slaters’ victories. 

Along the way, Berger has gained much support from many people that all help him strive for his future success.  

“My greatest motivators are my coaches, my teammates, and my family. They all push me to be the best that I can and support me along the way,” Berger said.  

Berger’s many years of playing basketball leaves him with endless memories he will always remember 

“My favorite memory is playing a role and winning the 2017-2018 Colonial League Championship with my friends,” Berger said.  

He felt satisfied when that final buzzer rung and felt proud getting the gold around his neck. 

When Berger is not participating in Slater sports, he can be found listening to music, playing on travel teams for basketball, or participating in golf tournaments.  

“ I enjoy playing on travel teams and in golf tournaments because it helps me meet new people and enjoy sports outside of school,” Berger said.  

Looking ahead to Bergers final track season, he has set goals for himself and is looking to beat his personal records. For high jump, he has a PR of 5’10 and, in long jump, his PR is 18’1. He also has a PR of 37’4 in triple jump and 9’6 for pole vault.   

“I am looking forward to having fun with my friends and trying to place as many times as possible during track meets,” Berger said.  

Every practice, Berger will work on improving his form and techniques to ensure success in his events.  

With all the glorious moments of Berger’s high school career this far, he is ensured to have a successful future regardless of what path he chooses.  

Berger has always dreamt of playing college basketball and hopes to soon achieve it. He is undecided about where to attend college but shows a strong interest in attending a four-year university to study kinesiology and become a physical therapist.