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Avery Schiavone, Reporter

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When determined senior Ben Holland is not on the golf course or track, he can be found draining 3s and dominating on the basketball court.  

“Basketball is my favorite sport because I’ve been playing it the longest. I grew up around it. With my dad being the coach, I would always go to all his basketball games and experience it from a young age,” Holland said. 

Holland started expressing an interest in basketball, in which his dad was a major factor.  

“Basketball was the first sport I played because my dad motivated me to and I just stuck with it my whole life. My dad also encouraged me to play on his team one day,” Holland said. 

Countless memories certainly have been made for Holland throughout his many years of playing basketball. 

“My favorite basketball memory would be riding the bus with my dad to his games when I was younger. I thought it was so much fun to be around the varsity team and experience what it’s like to be coaching them,” Holland said. 

This early exposure in basketball has led to Holland’s great career and has guided him to join the few who have reached scoring a thousand or more career points in high school.  

“It was one of goals since I made varsity. It meant a lot to me because I’ve been working hard all four years and it’s important that I achieved a goal that my dad attained in high school,” Holland said.  

In Bangor’s home opener against Easton, Holland, who’s starting point guard, led the team with 30 points despite the team being defeated in overtime. The team, with Holland’s stellar leadership, has moved forward from this ending with an overall record of 179. 

“My position on the team is to be a leader. It is important because when things aren’t going well, I need to step up and get things under control. Without a leader, there wouldn’t be as much success and team chemistry,” Holland said. 

Holland hopes to take his basketball skills to college with him. He is uncertain about where he will further his education, but has expressed an interest in the medical field. He currently takes many courses that will help generate success for his future career.  

“I am taking anatomy and physiology. I am interested in the medical field because I enjoy trying to help people and get them healthier,” Holland said.  

To add to his impressive resume, Holland decided to take on the role of being a PE helper for students with special needs during school. This requires Holland to put forth an effort towards creating a positive and happy environment for them.  

“I chose to be a PE helper because I heard good things and wanted to see what it was like. I enjoy being with students who have special needs and trying to make them laugh. We are responsible for brightening their day and having fun with them,” Holland said. 

This experience has added to Holland’s already great senior year, which he hopes will continue. 

Looking ahead into Holland’s senior track season, there are many desirable goals he has set out to achieve. He plans on working hard in practice day in and day out to continue putting his best foot forward.  

“My goals for the upcoming track season are to break my personal records from last year. I will obtain these goals by getting better in practice every day and on my form,” Holland said.  

Although Holland has not decided where he will further his education, it is apparent that success will be present in his future no matter what he chooses.