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Meagan Hoffman, Editor-in-Chief

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Outstanding senior athlete Eric Lyon will be continuing his successful javelin career at University of Oregon. After several months of traveling, meeting with coaches, and doing countless applications, the impressive athlete has finally made his decision. 

“Oregon is the number one track and field school in the nation, with the most successful throwing coach in the nation. The school has the best facilities in the country, and I can just envision myself becoming the most successful thrower I possibly can at Oregon,” Lyon said.

After visiting the urban west coast campus, Lyon noticed key aspects of the school that gave him the sense of home.

“Oregon has an absolutely beautiful campus, in a big town with endless options of activities to participate in. Also, their advertising major, which is what I plan to pursue, is top ranked in the nation,” Lyon said. “Ever since I was a little kid I had an interest in Oregon. I had wanted and planned on going there since I was 10 years old, and when I received a call from the throwing coach, my interest lit up even more.”

While the campus and atmosphere was stunning to Lyon, the nationally recognized Division I track team also played a vital role in his decision to throw javelin at the competitive collegiate level. After several discussions and visits with the university’s track and field coach Erik Whitsitt, Lyon knew where his heart—and his javelin— belonged.

“Visiting the campus was a surreal experience. Being able to be a part of the team, meeting the coaches, and experiencing what college will be like for a weekend was incredible. It is an experience I will never forget,” Lyon said.

As Lyon prepares to embark on his javelin journey, he is already sharpening his skills to ease the transition of throwing at the high school level to the collegiate level.

“Throwing in college is going to be at a much more competitive level. Also, the training will be much more intense, but will allow for me to compete at the highest level,” Lyon said. “Intense training will allow for me to throw at a collegiate level. I also plan on going to the campus over the summer to train and get a head start.”

Any successful athlete understands the immense amount of pressure and work that needs to be put in even outside of regular practice. That’s why Lyon joined The Javelin Factory, a gym specific to throwing javelin to ensure all members will perfect their specialized techniques. Lyon has been working with coaches Barry Krammes and Jon Kotchmar for about two years now, helping him achieve his personal record of 190’ 2”.

“My practices outside of school are intense training sessions, similar to what it will be like at Oregon. When I realized I had a skill in throwing mid-way through my sophomore year, which was when I first placed in Leagues, I knew I needed to further my abilities, so I joined The Javelin Factory,” Lyon said. “I have also been working with coach Hopstetter at Bangor for three years now, and he has showed me all the necessities to be successful in both practices and meets.”

Looking ahead into his senior season, Lyon’s confidence, skill, and passion is sure to intimidate any competition. 

“I believe that I will have a very successful senior year. I have been training extremely hard and I am very confident that it will all pay off,” Lyon said.

Lyon is extremely fortunate to have such a solid support team behind him as well. Besides his skilled coaches, his family and friends play a vital role in his success.

“My family and my coaches are my biggest supporters. Also, Akash Sareen is included in that list, as he has been my hype man since day one. Without these individuals, I would not be where I am today,” Lyon said.

When Lyon isn’t chucking javelins as far as the eye can see at Oregon’s top-of-the-line facilities, he will be studying advertising, a field that caught his eye from the beginning of his high school career.

“I have always been a creative individual, and I believe that advertising will allow me to thrive with that skill,” Lyon said. “I have been diving into the fields of photography, which will prepare me with working with a team that will be shooting the advertisements.” 

Delving into his photography skills, Lyon has nearly mastered the art of portrait, wedding, landscape, and product photography. Lyon can be seen taking his Canon Rebel t7i with a variety of lenses and heading off to capture the beauty of all that is around him.

“I believe that special moments should never be forgotten. Being able to capture those moments and put them into an image that will last forever is something that sparks my interest. Each photo I take tells a story, and allows for the viewer to feel as if they were experiencing that moment themselves,” Lyon said. “I am a very outgoing person, and being able to work with others by shooting portraits is a place that I feel that I thrive in.”

Lyon will cherish his time as a Slater, as it is his high school career that unraveled his true passion for javelin. 

“I am going to miss the students and staff, as well was the school spirit. I believe that there is no place like Bangor and it will forever be in my heart,” Lyon said.

Best of luck, Eric!