Emma Naysmith, Reporter

Throughout his time at Bangor Area High School, impassioned senior Griffin Krouse took part in Marching Band, Symphonic Band, and Jazz Band. Looking forward, he will take his talents and dedication to The University of Oregon to study music education, minor in music technology and computer programming with hopes of becoming a music professor.

What do you hope people will remember about you after high school is over?

My involvement in all of the school’s music programs and my dedication towards them.

Who will you remember most in Bangor and why?

Rachel Kromer because she has always been by my side, mostly because we almost have the same last name.

What is your best high school memory and why?

Senior night at the football game because I got to walk out onto the field with my parents.

What is your worst high school memory and why?

I don’t have one, high school has been nothing but an amazing time.

If there were a movie made about your high school days, which actor would play your part and why?

Tom Holland because he already has a role as a high schooler with superpowers.

When you arrive at school in the morning, where is the first place you want to go and why?

The band room because that is where my friends are.

Who influenced you most during high school? Why and how? Give them a shoutout!

My mother because she always pushed me to do better and always supported my decisions and accomplishments.

Which event, events will you miss the most and why?

I would miss the football games because that’s where I found the most joy through my high school career.

If you were an instrument what would you be? Explain.

A tuba because I’m just here to have fun but I don’t mess around when I have a “solo.”

Where is one place you would love to play music?

The Woodstock festival.

What is your favorite music note? Why?

C, because doe a deer a female deer.

What genre of music would you use to describe your life? Explain.

Alternative rock, it’s like a lot of other people’s lives just with a bit of a spin.

What are your thoughts on garage band?

I enjoy it. I use it almost every day.