Emma Naysmith , Editor

Senior field hockey star Carly Amerman will be the newest addition to the Montclair State campus as she is committed to play for the Red Hawks beginning fall of 2020. 

“From the earliest I can remember I have played any and every sport I possibly could. I think this has something to do with my dad being a huge sports fan. He has always been the biggest supporter of my athletic career,” Amerman said. 

Back in seventh grade, athletic Amerman joined the middle school field hockey team with the support of her father and her two best friends, Charlie Paynter and Makayla Hartzell, at side. Before she knew it field hockey became her passion. 

“My favorite part about field hockey is the atmosphere of having a team. Especially Bangor field hockey. My team at Bangor was made up of the most caring and loving people who helped me to accomplish some of my proudest achievements,” Amerman said. 

After discovering her love for the sport in middle school, Amerman went on to play varsity field hockey as a freshman. Flash forward a few years and Amerman had the opportunity of being a part of a historic Colonial League and district winning team. She also earned the privilege of leading her team as one of three captains this past season. 

“Being field hockey captain meant the world to me. Being able to lead my team to a second district championship was one the most rewarding feelings,” Amerman said. “Being a captain has taught me to put other people ahead of myself. Being a captain means being the best team player, so I learned to adjust and put my teammates as a priority.”

Through playing field hockey for both BHS and her tournament team, Amerman was scouted by a multitude of coaches and was finally able to see her childhood dream of becoming a college athlete come to life. 

“I had around fifty or more coaches recruiting me to go to their college, some of which I had never even heard of before. College recruiting is a job, so this was the first time I really had to step up and be an adult to help my future. Luckily Montclair was one that stuck out to me and I instantly fell in love,” Amerman said. 

While touring the Montclair campus Amerman quickly realized that it was a perfect fit for her and her future. The campus offers unique and exciting appeals that differ from her everyday surroundings at BHS. 

“I love their building style. It’s not a boring brick building campus, but a very unique architectural campus. It’s also huge!” Amerman said. “No offense to my alma matter, but I wanted a completely new experience. Montclair is a huge institution.”

When Amerman is not scoring the game winning goal or admiring the architecture, she will be studying with a major of exercise science and hopes of one day becoming an occupational therapist. 

“I wanted to do something in the medical field but didn’t want to be forced to work in a hospital environment. OT has so many options that you can pursue,” Amerman said. “The thing that excites me the most is wondering where I’m going to end up with it. Since there’s so many opportunities that are given with this major I have no idea what my future will look like.”

With the excitement of new beginnings comes difficult goodbyes. Despite being eager to see what is in store next, Amerman will always cherish and miss her time of wearing a Slater jersey alongside her best friends. 

 “Of all things at BHS, I will miss my friends and field hockey the most. I love my team and my best friends and I can’t imagine not seeing them everyday,” Amerman said. 

Though a portion of Amerman’s future remains unknown, it is clear that no matter what she is doing or where she ends up, she will achieve her goals, whether it be on or off of the field hockey field.