Tinia Burke, Editor

The following pictures are brought to you by THE SLATER YEARBOOK.

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LEGENDS – Our vice principal Mr. Krohn came back with our favorite teachers Mr. Madden and Mr. Perelli once again for a show stopping performance in our competition. It’ll be a memorable moment for our student body.
“I’M STILL INTO YOU” – Seniors Brooke Sabella and Dani Frinzi part of the band Better Than the Last Guy, gave a heartwarming performance of Still into by Paramore.
“I TRY TO MAKE MYSELF BELIEVE” – Senior Mason Cruz and sophomore Ryan Gamble rock out on the drums and guitar to Fireflies by Owl City. Giving the audience an emotional performance with memories of an old song.
GREEN DAY COME BACK? – This audience favorite celebrates their win as fan favorite overall as Red and Greed Day. Seniors Josh Pittenger, Ventura Ortiz, Kelsey Sontag, and Marino Bubba gave us an energetic performance of one of Green Day’s hit Holiday.
DEJA VU?? – Anjali Sareen, Sophia Villano, Charslie Paynter, and Lauren Harrison brought made us all nostalgic with a fan favorite from last year’s We Love Our Mommies with We Love Our Mommies 2. They performed everyone’s Spongebob favorite, Best Day Ever.