Michenna Mulvaney, Editor

The following pictures are brought to you by THE SLATER YEARBOOK.

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JUNIOR VARSITY: Top: Back Row (L to R): A. Fornaro, K. Myers, A. Duyssen, L. Bunn, J. Utess. Middle Row: J. Dotta, C. O’Brien, A. Santiago, O. Molenda; Front Row: H. Franzone C. Marks, C. Diaz, A. Molenda, C. Caiazzo; Bottom: Back Row (L to R): J. Utess, M. Ott, K. Franzone, S. Harvat; Middle Row: G. Sidlosky, K. Snyder, C. Reid; Front Row: G. Beltrano, G. Martin, J. Dowd, P. Du