E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982)

Lauren Harrison, Reporter

It’s scary, but we’ve been locked in our houses for so long that it’s already Halloween! Despite the burden of masking, the show must go on. So, here’s a list of the top 5 Halloween costumes that ensure your safety this spooky season.  

 #1 The Classic Sheet Ghost 

To start off today’s list, we acknowledge the classic spooky ghost. Grab an old sheet, cut out some eyes, and there you have the most iconic—and easy—costume ever created. Even E.T did it—and he’s an alien. While keeping your nose and mouth completely covered, this costume offers ideal comfort. It’s like a face mask but for your body! If this lacks some creative juices for you, try being a hippie ghost. It’s as simple as putting those tie dying skills you gained during quarantine to use! It’s super easy to get creative with this simple costume. Take a break from playing Among Usand start making your DIY ghost costume. 

#2 A Deranged Doctor  

As a salute to the front-line workers, try dressing up as a doctor for Halloween. All you will need are scrubs, Crocs, and your favorite mask to have another COVID-friendly costume. Of course, you don’t want to look like you’re heading to your nightshift while trick or treating, so try splattering blood all over your scrubs and put on a crazy wig. The spookier the better, so don’t be shy with the killer face makeup. Adding a bloody cleaver to the look, also never disappoints. If you’re more into the realistic look, try looking like your favorite Grey’s Anatomy nurse. You probably binged the entire show during quarantine, so this costume is fit for you! 

#3 A Mischievous Ninja  

If you’re not feeling the first few options, try dressing as a ninja. Many of you practiced sneaking out of quarantine for the past few months, so this costume is fit for you. All you will need is a monochrome black outfit, making sure your eyes are all that can be seen. Throw some pops of red in there with a belt or headband and you are set! Even your worst enemy won’t be able to tell whose teepeeing their house as you stealthily sneak away. 

 #4 Pumpkin Head  

We all know somebody that forgot to make a costume, so what did they do? They put a pumpkin on their head and called it a day. This Halloween classic was surely designed with pandemic safety in mind. There is nothing quite like a fresh pumpkin spice mask. To personalize your pumpkin head, try cutting out star eyes and adding a sinister smile. You will never have to worry about wearing the same costume as someone else, because this one is completely unique to you and will more importantly keep you safe. 

 #5 A Wicked Wizard  

Last, but not least, this costume will surely shock the Halloween crowds. To transform into a wizard, you will need a long robe, a pointy hat, a magic wand, and the most important part, a big white beard. Perfect for social distancing and masking, the big beard covers your nose and mouth, while you can wave the magic wand around to keep people from getting nearer than 6 feet. If you’re up for it, grab the hoverboard you stored away in your closet from 2013, and glide around the streets as you trick or treat. A hovering, big bearded, wicked wizard might just be the most fun costume on this list!