Reagan Heard, Reporter

Marissa Hill, a versatile senior with strong Slater spirit, will pursue her love for learning at college where she will continue to spread positivity and enhance her leadership skills.

Hill continuously proves great effort by frequently challenging herself in the classroom. Instead of having a more “laid back” senior year, Hill chose to further her academic skills by taking difficult and time-consuming classes.

“These two classes [AP Biology and AP Government] keep my work ethic and drive going and are really keeping my ‘good student’ habits in check,” Hill said.

Hill’s determination and dedication goes beyond her academic achievements. After school, Hill demonstrates her support to not only her fellow students, but to her community by participating in SGA, GSA, Class Cabinet, and Girl Scouts.

Some of the events Hill’s helped conduct include Homecoming, preparation for Spirit Week, the annual Pen Argyl vs. Bangor poster painting (and hanging), and, most recently, the always epic Slater Snack Attack. The one that holds Hill’s heart however, is the spirit week set before Christmas break.

“I always look forward to the Christmas spirit week every year. This year, everyone better watch out cause I’m really going to deck it all out,” Hill said.

Perhaps most importantly, Hill is the BAHS Student Government vice president and one of her responsibilities is to represent the student body at the monthly school board meetings.

“I wanted to find a way to have a positive influence in our school and community, and SGA has allowed me to do just that. It has allowed for my personality and ideas to be seen and heard, and in some cases even benefit the school spirit. I like that it’s all about the students and giving them a voice in the school,” Hill said.

Hill also carries her leadership onto the field hockey field where she plays the crucial role of goalie and was voted co-captain by her teammates.

“My responsibility as captain is to really just be an effective line between the players themselves, and the coaches. I try and be a good support system for all the girls, and really make sure that everyone is being boosted and most importantly having fun,” Hill said.

Even though her field hockey career has recently come to an end, Hill proudly walks away with many accomplishments. She and her team were Colonial League and District Champions in their historic 2018 season, and District Champions in the 2019 season.

“Field hockey has mattered so much to me because it’s helped me grow so much over the past four years. It’s taught me the value of hard work and dedication, and just how having these values can get you when you put in the work. What I like most about is the friendships and memories that it has given me,” Hill said.

Hill will continue to work hard in school as she plans to attend a four year university, preferably University of Pittsburgh, where she will major in business and minor in accounting.

“A career in business and accounting appeals to me most because of all the good I could do. A lot people in the world are not properly taught how to manage their money, or know where to begin when they have an idea. My hope is to take that idea and turn it into reality, which I know sounds cheesy,” Hill said.

The Slater community wishes nothing but the best for senior Marissa Hill as she takes her first big step into becoming an adult.