Emma Naysmith, Editor in Chief

Nothing strengthens the bond of a team more than the dreaded physical activity of running. Led by captains Kara Hartzell, Zach Lynch, Raizel Pongracz, Donny Stambaugh, Allison Talero, Rori Wagner, and Trever Weidman, the Slater cross country team was closer than ever 

CHEESIN’ Runners Jacob Hartzell, Zach Lynch, Cameron Stout, and Donny Stambaugh flash both beaming smiles and effortless speed to the camera. Cross country season ranges from the dreadful heat of late August to the crisp air of October; through it all these Slaters continually prove their grit and determination all with a smile!
ON YOUR MARK, GET SET, GO! And with that the Slater Girls Cross Country team takes an aggressive start to conquering their home course. These Lady Slaters had a great season and were able to send a total of nine girls to race in leagues and six to districts.
COOL, CALM & COLLECTED! Sophomore Luke Molenda quickly and gracefully triumphs through the home stretch. Don’t be fooled by this Slater’s placid composure, running isn’t as easy as Molenda makes it look. (Picasa)
PUSH IT! Senior Kara Hartzell and junior Sarah Reed explode with urgency in the race to the finish. Though cross country is physically very individual, having a team that pushes and motivates you to be your best is crucial. (Picasa)
DRIVE! Junior Donny Stambaugh digs deep and channels intensity to further his final placement. Cross country isn’t just about running, you’ve got to give it your all and leave everything on the course!