GOLF (2021)

Emma Naysmith, Editor in Chief

Slater golfers, under the direction of first year head coach Ken Wilson, graced the turf with their grit and determination. Powering through the struggles of being a young team with a new coach, these golfers put everything into each practice session to get their season into swing. 

SWINGING FOR THE STARS! Junior Freddy Bacon effortlessly displays his trustworthy drive as he launches the golf ball across the course. After a regular season full of success, Bacon took his winning swing to the Colonial League Tournament and earned himself sixth place.
PREPARATION IS KEY! Junior Paulina Poels takes a quick moment before her time to play to initiate her pre-match rituals and carefully select her club of choice. Poels made her mark on the world of golf by qualifying for the Colonial League Tournament and placing sixth in her bracket.
DRIVES SAVE LIVES! Sophomore Jake Constantine fluently begins his perfected drive and wows the audience with his electric swing. Golf requires coordination and a willingness to put in the work to see results–Constantine has exemplified both!
DOWN AND LOW! Junior Luke Shriver takes note of his ball location and prepares his match-winning tactics. The game of golf is just as much preparation as it is execution!
EYES ON THE PRIZE! Sophomore Natalie White gracefully follows through on her final put. White was a top scorer for her team and even brought home a silver Colonial League Tournament medal to the Slaters while also qualifying for districts.