Emma Naysmith, Editor in Chief

The Lady Slaters soccer (3-7), led by head coach Nick Pope and captains Olivia Baadsvik, Emma Stout, and Sarah Wilk, pushed through a season of growth, proving their talents and ability to work as a team under extreme circumstances. 

LOOK BACK AT IT! Senior Olivia Baadsvik (forward) flashes her game face after taking an electric shot on goal. Baadsvik had the opportunity to lead her team as one of three senior captains this past season.
KICKIN’ IT! Junior Mattie Martin (forward) sends a ball upfield and gains the Slaters major field position. With her aggressive game tactics and sharp footwork, Martin has consistently earned her place in the starting lineup.
BATTLE! Senior Emma Stout (midfielder) demonstrates her fancy footwork as she quickly snags the ball from her opponent. Stout is a seasoned player and has made her varsity soccer appearance since freshman year. (Dylan Wheeler)
GO SLATERS! The Lady Slaters happily do their midfield jog after seizing an exciting big season win. Slater tradition is that after each game the girls jog to the midfield line and back.
HANDBALL! Sophomore Camryn Smith (midfielder) launches the soccer ball back into play from the sideline. Each time Smith steps onto the field she brings a level of intensity and aggression that impresses teammates. (Dylan Wheeler)