Emma Naysmith, Editor in Chief

Slater boys basketball (10-2), under the instruction of head coach Colin Kessler and captains CJ Miles and Gabe Zieba put their all into every game and were able to reap the benefits of their handwork. Bouncing back from a season of rebuilding last year, these hardworking Slaters stepped onto the court with ambition and a yearning for vengeance.  

SWEET SWEET VICTORY! Slater boys basketball huddles together in celebration as the final buzzer goes off, crowning them as District XI victors! The Slaters snagged their championship over East Stroudsburg South in an intense back and forth ending with a score of 59-54, allowing the Slaters to bring home their first district title since 1988.
TAKE IT TO THE NET! Senior playmaker Gabe Zieba stalls gravity and sneaks in behind a swarm of Nazareth blue to bring the ball to meet the basket’s rim. Zieba was a Slater standout this season as he had the opportunity to serve as captain and he was found to be a consistent lead scorer. (Eagle Art Photo)

BALLIN’ WITH THE BOYS! Sophomore Joshua Giaquinto scans up court looking to make a critical pass to a teammate. Due to the fast nature of the game, the sport of basketball requires quick reflexes and fast reactions to all players on the court.
AIRBORNE! Junior giant Dan Heald jumps to new heights for the game tip off and stuns with his natural ability to take flight. Heald certainly brings the height component to the Slaters with his 6’6” stature and beyond enviable close proximity to the basket. (Eagle Art Photo)
SWERVIN’! Senior all star and co captain CJ Miles causes an upheaval of broken ankles while making his way across the court. The newest 1,000 point scorer to Slater basketball, Miles is the ultimate threat on the court with his inane speed and aggressiveness while playing.