Emma Naysmith, Editor in Chief

Slater Wrestling (7-3), led by head coach Richie Smith and senior captain Jared Reto, pushed through obstacle after obstacle to put everything on the mat and produce a winning team.

CRUSHED IT! Senior captain Jared Reto demonstrates his brute force crushing both his opponent and taking home victory. Reto led his team as captain to finish with a highly impressive record of 7-3. He and nine other teammates qualified for district tournament. (Eagle Art Photo)
HEAD TO HEAD! Junior Caiden Poff boldly challenges his rival opponent head on. The key to successful wrestling is to establish a strong presence immediately after the whistle blows.
IT’S ALL IN THE EYES! Junior Landon Uhler begins his match by strategically eyeing up his opponent and plotting his next move. The sport of wrestling is just as much about anticipation as it is execution. (Eagle Art Photo)
HERE THERE’S A WILL THERE’S A WAY! Junior technique-master Gabe Woolverton skillfully maneuvers his opponent and gains dominance. Woolverton with his sharp technique and quick thinking is a formidable opponent. (Eagle Art Photo)
SENIOR SWAG! Slater wrestling seniors snap a quick flick before dominating on the mats. Look-good, feel good, with these snazzy seniors leading the team, the Slaters are unstoppable!