Emma Naysmith, Editor in Chief

How many years have you been a Bangor Slater?
I have been a Slater for 6 years. I transferred to the Bangor Area School District in 7th grade.

Where do you plan to attend college and what will you be studying? What do you want to do as a future career?
I’m attending the University of the Sciences this fall majoring in physical therapy. My ultimate career goal is to become a physical therapist specializing in special needs pediatrics.

List the sports, activities, clubs, etc. you did while you were at Bangor High School.
While at Bangor, I was on the girls varsity basketball team and a competitor on the girls varsity track and field team since freshman year. I was also on the varsity soccer team and the junior varsity tennis team my sophomore year. I was inducted into National Honors Society my junior year and apart of both Class Cabinet and scholastic scrimmage.

What three positive words would your friends use to describe you?
My friends tell me I’m very adventurous, kindhearted, and humble.

Who will you remember most in Bangor and why?
I think my coaches  because they always taught me to be a hard and dedicated worker that is consistently trying to improvement myself and better myself for the future.

What is your best high school memory and why?
My best high school memory was going to the football games and bonfires with my friends and getting all decked out and just having a great time all night.

What is your worst high school memory and why?
My worst high school memory was this year when we couldn’t have any fans come and support our basketball team.

When you arrive at school in the morning, where is the first place you want to go and why?
When I arrived at school in the morning, I would always stop into Mr. Hop’s home room so that way we could talk about sports and the results.

Who influenced you most during high school and why?
Mr. Hopstetter was one of my biggest mentors in high school. He never hesitated to write a recommendation letter for me or just listen to my crazy stories. He also showed me that hard work and dedication never goes unnoticed just by him believing in me at every track meet and always building up my confidence.

Where do you predict you’ll end up ten years from now and why?
In 10 years, I hope to have a steady career as a physical therapist living in my dream house in Delaware.

Which event, events will you miss the most and why?
I will miss the sporting events most because I always loved meeting up with my friends and going to show off our school spirit. It was just always a fun time that left lasting memories.

What is your favorite quote to live by and why?
My favorite quote to live by is, “you were born with the ability to help others, don’t ever waste that opportunity.” I really like this quote because I feel that whoever you surround yourself with impacts your personality and helps shape you into the person you are. I also feel that if you have the opportunity to help someone struggling in any way, you should be there for them in whatever way you can and always spread kindness.