Emma Naysmith, Editor in Chief

How many years have you been a Bangor Slater?
I have been a Slater for 13 years.

Where do you plan to attend college and what will you be studying? What do you want to do as a future career?
I will be attending NACC in the fall, studying speech pathology and audiology.

List the sports, activities, clubs, etc. you did while you were at Bangor High School.
I am involved in SADD club, Leo club, Avedium, SGA, class cabinet, cheering, football manager, track, scholastic scrimmage, and I was also a member of the St. Luke’s program.

What three positive words would your friends use to describe you?
Three words to describe me would be kind, energetic, and outgoing.

Who will you remember most in Bangor and why?
I will always remember Mr. Moran and Mrs. Lobb the most because they were both like mentors to me. I could always rely on them to lead me in the right direction. Mr. Moran always tells it as it is and is straight forward with you, which helped me a lot.

What is your best high school memory and why?
My best high school memory is winning Clash of the Classes as a sophomore because usually juniors or seniors win. I also enjoyed all the events and pep rallies we had before holiday break and for the Bangor vs. Pen Argyl football game because it got everyone involved and hyped up.

What is your worst high school memory and why?
My worst high school memory is my senior year, not being able to finish my last year in high school with all the fun events we usually do, especially building of the bonfire, and not being able to see everyone together.

Which band could play the soundtrack to your high school career and why?
The band that could play the soundtrack to my high school career is the Zac Brown Band because their music is all about living your best life.

If there were a movie or TV show made about your high school days, which actor would play your part and why?  
An actress that would play my part if a movie or TV show was to be made about my high school days, would be Amy Adams because Frankie Lawrence told me I remind him of her from Enchanted.

When you arrive at school in the morning, where is the first place you want to go and why?
When I arrive to school in the morning, the first place I wanna go is the choir room because it is a positive atmosphere and I always feel that is the place I belong.

Who influenced you most during high school and why?
Mrs. Lobb influenced me the most because I have been in her clubs since freshman year. She has helped me build confidence by having leadership positions and opening myself up to new things and people. She influenced me to be myself and be a leader.

Where do you predict you’ll end up ten years from now and why?
In ten years from now, I predict I will be pursuing my career as a speech pathologist and will be traveling with friends and exploring new places.

Which event, events will you miss the most and why?
The event I’ll miss the most is the Bangor vs. Pen Argyl pep rally because this was one event everyone was excited for. Everyone was in a good mood and after the pep rally was over there were students still dancing around in the hallways ready for the bonfire after school.

What is your favorite quote to live by and why?
My favorite quote to live by is “inhale the future, exhale the past.”