Paulina Poels, Reporter

Senior Lexi Bussenger is heading south this fall to join the University of Alabama. As a lifelong ‘Bama fan, Bussenger is thrilled to continue her academic career with the Crimson Tide.

“I chose the University of Alabama because it has always been my dream school and I fell in love with the campus when I went to visit,” Bussenger said. “I knew it was the best fit for me academically because they have one of the best rehab and physical therapy programs. Alabama felt like my home away from home.”

Attending the University of Alabama has been on Bussenger’s mind for years, and her amazing career as a Slater has set her up for success. As a four-year varsity letter winner for softball, Bussenger has become an integral member of the team and has led Slater Softball to some huge wins.

“My favorite high school memory would have to be winning districts my freshman year for softball,” Bussenger said.

Bussenger’s softball success has come as a result of years of dedication and hard work, some of which she credits to her father, Steve, for always supporting her.

“My dad influenced me the most throughout high school because he always pushed me to be the best version of myself & always made sure I never gave up,” Bussenger said.

During her senior year, Bussenger had the opportunity to take more electives than before, but one left a great impression on her.

“My favorite class in all of high school was definitely PE Helper. It was such an amazing experience and the friendships I created were so special,” Bussenger said.

As the end of the school year nears, Bussenger is looking forward to college, and particularly the next phase in life that she is entering and the connections that she will develop.

“I am most excited to meet new people and create new friendships. I am also excited to have a fresh start and attend sporting events,” Bussenger said.

When she’s not at the football games or out and about meeting new people, Bussenger will have her hands full with the very involved coursework that comes with her degree.

“My intended major is exercise science to pursue a degree in either rehabilitation or physical therapy. I chose this because I love helping others get back to doing what they love and I want to be involved in sports so I knew this was the best fit,” Bussenger said.

Many students her age have no idea what they want to do with their lives, but Bussenger’s passion for helping others and love of athletics have led her to know exactly what she wants to do.

“My dream job is to either be a rehabilitation therapist or physical therapist,” Bussenger said. “In 10 years, I see myself focusing on my job & helping others get back to living their everyday lives at their full potential.”

In the final months of her senior year, Bussenger can be found on the softball field or out with her friends, enjoying all that senior year has to offer.