Paulina Poels, Reporter

Senior science standout Harper Steele will be moving north this Fall to begin her studies at Middlebury College in Middlebury Vermont.

“I initially loved Middlebury because of their Environmental Science program, and after touring I also loved the campus and everyone I met there. It always just felt like the right choice for me,” Steele said.

Steele has spent much of her time in high school with Mr. Hachtman, who she considers a mentor. In the last four years, Steele has both taken the classes he teaches as well as joined the clubs that he advises.

“Mr. Hachtman has definitely been my greatest influence here. He was the one that encouraged me to join Envirothon and Ecology club, he’s been my mentor in research the last two years, and has been a great role model for me throughout high school,” Steele said.

Steele clearly has a connection to the sciences, so it’s no surprise that her favorite class is in the science department and also taught by her mentor.

“My favorite class was probably Hachtman’s Research class. I loved being able to carry out my own research and then present it outside of school at research symposiums,” Steele said.

Staying involved has been a landmark of Steele’s high school career, as she is both involved and in charge of many clubs at BHS.

“I’m president of National Honor Society and Ecology Club, I’m also on the Envirothon team, and in SGA, Senior Class Cabinet, and French Honor Society,” Steele said.

Steele’s busy schedule can be stressful at times, but thanks to her involvement at BHS she has made amazing memories that not many others share.

“My favorite Slater memory was definitely our Envirothon competitions last year. We worked our butts off and placed 5th in states, which was absolutely a rewarding experience for all of us,” Steele said.

Trailblazing toward a career in environmental science, Steele has a plethora of options for paths at Middlebury.

“I’m looking to major in Environmental Studies, something I’ve always loved and been passionate about. Envirothon and Ecology Club have been some of my favorite things here at Bangor and it was obvious to me that that’s what I wanted to keep doing,” Steele said.

While she’s still not sure of what exactly her career aspirations are, Steele knows she has many options thanks to her hard work and dedication over the years.

“I would love to do some kind of research in conservation biology. Whatever that specific job ends up being, I would just want to find ways to protect our land and resources,” Steele said.

Some students look to college with fear, but not Steele. She looks forward to the new beginnings that she’ll have in Vermont and the opportunity to fulfill her potential.

“I think I’m most excited to just have a fresh start, I can go and meet new people and show them who I am and what I can do,” Steele said.

With a field as diverse as environmental science, the limits are endless for Steele. The future is bright for her, no matter where she ends up.

“In 10 years, I would see myself graduated from college and probably working in the environmental field. I don’t know exactly what job I’d want to peruse but I think I’ll be happy no matter what,” Steele said.