Paulina Poels, Reporter

Senior Bryanna Cyphers is headed to the University of New Haven this fall with plans to play field hockey and study criminal justice investigative services.

Cyphers’s childhood in Bangor and six years playing Bangor field hockey have had a huge impact on her, teaching her lifelong lessons and helping her make lifelong friends.

“With Bangor field hockey, it meant that I had a family on and off the field it meant a lot just to be a part of the team,” Cyphers said.

Cyphers’s life has revolved around field hockey–she plays year round–as a result she considers her coaches to be her greatest influence.

“My coaches, throughout the years, have influenced me most. They made me love the sport I play and without them I wouldn’t be able to be doing what I’m doing,” Cyphers said.

Making a connection with a coach is vital to being a successful athlete, so Cyphers is delighted to have found her fit at New Haven.

“I met the coach down in Virginia and she was so nice, so after visiting the college and seeing that it was beautiful, I made my choice,” Cyphers said.

Cyphers’ perfect fit at New Haven goes beyond her appreciation for the coach.

“The hockey program was also a big part of my decision, especially because [the program] makes sure that the players are doing well in school. I also really clicked with the coach,” Cyphers said.

Being a college athlete takes a lot of discipline and dedication, but Cyphers has no fear. The excitement of new adventures draws her in more than anything.

“I’m most excited for the classes and being able to play hockey and make new friends,” Cyphers said.

The University of New Haven is without a doubt the perfect fit for Cyphers, with the academics meeting her standards as well.

“I chose the University of New Haven for several reasons, one of which was their amazing criminal justice program,” Cyphers said.

Cyphers’s career plans may be action packed, but first she has to work for her degree.

“I intend to major in criminal justice investigation services. I want to be in law enforcement, and I can work my way up to investigator with this degree,” Cyphers said.

The future is bright for Cyphers especially because of the clear goals she has set for herself.

“My dream job is to be a crime scene investigator, like in CSI,” Cyphers said. “I see myself living on a farm, being a cop,” Cyphers said.