Cecilia O'Brien, Reporter, Emma Naysmith, Editor in Chief

The 2022 Slater track and field team, led by senior captains Kalea Albanese, Emma Naysmith, and Trever Weidman, and head coaches Andrew Hartzell and Mark Hopstetter, approached their upcoming season with passion and excitement to compete. From track races to field events, the Slaters relied on practice and athleticism to prepare for the season ahead.

KEEPING ON TRACK Seniors Gus O’Rourke and Raeyon Katzarov watch in awe as sophomore Kaden Graziano soars by in the 400m dash. Graziano won third at the Wilson-Southern Lehigh meet with his time of 55.8 seconds.
STRENGTH AND POWER Senior McCormick Karner demonstrates her strength and determination during the shot put. Karner placed 5th in shotput at the Wilson-Southern Lehigh meet with her breath-taking throw of 26.5 feet.
TAKEOFF! Sophomore Ana Jones hands the baton to junior Vera Cooper in the intense 4x100m relay. The handoff of the baton is a critical part of the race, as one mistake could get the relay team disqualified; the girls team has practiced vigorously to perfect it.
TAKING FLIGHT! Senior Justin Pascoe soars past the competition in the 300 meters hurdles. Pascoe entered this season with ambition and drive when he decided to make hurdles his main event; he has already decreased a substantial amount of time, dropping from 54.1 to 49.5 seconds.
LEADER OF THE PACK Senior captain Trever Weidman leads the group of runners in his forte: the infamous 3200 meters race. This grueling race not only requires physical power and endurance, but mental strength, as well: Weidman commented, “The 3200m race is more of a mental beast than a physical one.”