Paulina Poels, Reporter

Senior music standout Clara Oxford will be attending Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida this fall to study marine biology.

A lifelong Slater, Oxford leaves a legacy of talent behind her as she prepares to take this exciting next step in her life.

“I have been a Slater since I have been in kindergarten. Being a Slater runs in my blood since my brother graduated in 2018 and both my parents went to Bangor up until high school,” Oxford said.

Staying involved has been a huge part of Oxford’s high school experience as she is both a member and an officer in many clubs at BHS.

“I am involved in Marching Band (drum major), Treble Choir, Ecology Club, Senior Class Cabinet, Musical, and Student Government Association,” Oxford said.

Oxford has become a leader of the music department in her last year, as both the band president and drum major, which undoubtedly made her amazing memories.

“My favorite Slater memory was the football games. I have been involved in marching band all 4 years, so the football games were a huge highlight. Playing in the stands with my friends is what I looked forward to all day on Fridays!” Oxford said.

Oxford’s academic prowess goes beyond music, as she is also a student of Mr. Hachtman’s and one of the few who compete in symposiums presenting her yearlong research project.

“My favorite class in high school was this year’s Elements of Scientific Research class. This year I learned how to come up with a research question and conduct my own research. I absolutely love this course since it allowed me to understand what further college research can be like,” Oxford said.

Oxford’s love for science is so great that she actually plans to major in marine biology, her true passion.

“I plan on majoring in marine biology. It honestly took me a while to figure out exactly what I wanted to do. I always knew I enjoyed science and the idea of learning about different organisms. Freshman year biology really put into perspective my love for science and research. From there I knew that I enjoyed marine life and wanted to spend my life learning more,” Oxford said.

With no ocean in site back home, Oxford had to set her sights down south, where the real opportunity for her major lies.

“I chose Eckerd College because it was the best school for my intended major- marine biology. Eckerd is located right along the Gulf of Mexico and the campus is quite literally on the beach. I also enjoyed that it is a small school which allows for more one on one interactions with professors,” Oxford said.

Higher education may be daunting, but Oxford looks forward to the challenge and knows that her time to shine is coming.

“I am excited to further research and keep learning. I love studying and learning new things. I am just excited to keep growing as a person and truly finding my own voice,” Oxford said.

With big dreams and an open mind, Oxford is on the right track to her bright future in the Sunshine State.

“Even though I do not have a specific company that I want to work for, I do want to be working in a lab as a marine biologist,” Oxford said. “I see myself in 10 years being happy with the life that I am creating and will be constantly learning and growing as a person.”