Kiersten McNeely, Reporter

Confident, energetic Kalea Albanese used her skills to help lead the girls soccer and track team to victory all while using her passion for English to write for the The Slate literary magazine. She plans to take all her talents to La Salle University where she will major in English and continue to run track.


Are you heading to college after high school? If yes, what are you studying and where?

If no, what are your career plans?

Yes, I’m going to La Salle University and plan to major in English with a minor in Education. After I graduate College, I plan to teach abroad and eventually get my PhD.


Who will you remember most in Bangor and why?

I will remember my teacher Mrs. Rabbat the most at Bangor. She has helped me through a very hard time in my life and I can’t thank her enough. She also was the one who helped me find my passion to study English after heaving her as a teacher.


What is your favorite quote to live by and why?

My favorite quote to live by is “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new” -Socrates 6. I live by this quote because I used to dwell on the past and overthink what had happened to me. Now, I focus all my energy on the future and bettering myself and my surroundings.


What is your best high school memory and why?

My best high school memory was running on the 4X1 relay team with Emily LaBar, Emma Naysmith, and Abby Giamoni. We beat our school record, and I never felt more excited in my life. Although it did not count due to certain circumstances, we still were able to get that time and enjoy ourselves. Coming home with a medal felt amazing.


What are your pre-track meet rituals to get you hyped up?

I usually eat a big dinner the night before and the day of, I do an explosive workout prior to the meet, which I know I should not do but I feel like a whole new person when I do so. I also listen to hype music and make sure to pray. When I am feeling extra nervous, I listen to affirmations on YouTube.


If you had to write a novel, what would you write it about and why?

I would write a novel about my life. Specifically, about my childhood and my crazy home life. It might be traumatic for me, but I feel like other people would enjoy reading about it.


If you had to kiss, marry, or strand on an island: Michael B. Jordan, Chris Hemsworth, and Ryan Reynolds… what would you choose?

If I had to kiss, marry, or strand either of those… I’d kiss Chris Hemsworth, marry Michael B. Jordan, and strand Ryan Reynolds on an island.