Mac Karner, Reporter

Senior stud Matt Swanton has shown the Slater community how impactful a positive attitude and resilience can be. As an avid participant in JV/varsity baseball, Mini-THON, and Quarry Crew, Swanton is well on his way to success. Swanton will take his passion and perseverance to Penn State Hazleton in the fall as he studies finance.  

3 Positive adjectives your friends use to describe you: 

Humble, Dependable, Loyal 

What were your standout classes?  

I would have to say gym. WWII and beyond history classes also rank right up there. 

Who will you remember most in Bangor and why?   

I will remember Mr. Miller. Although this is my first year having him, his personality and ability to get along with people is like no other. 

What is your best high school memory and why? 

My best high school memory is participating in the dodgeball and floor hockey tournaments under team name of “Chuck’s boys.”  I will never forget the outfits that we wore. 

What is your worst high school memory and why?  

My worst high school memory is probably getting a 65% in honors biology during my freshman year. 

Which band could play the soundtrack to your high school career and why?  

Tough question. I would say Metallica. It seems like their songs are extremely long and the beat is overplayed a lot at times, but there are insanely good parts which often occur near the song’s endings. They are very comparable to high school. At first, it never seemed like it was going to end and at times I was just going with the flow of things, due to Covid. Finally, positive and fun things start to happen and “BOOM,” it is all over and you still want more. 

If there were a movie made about your high school days, which actor would play your part and why?  

The actor I would want to play me would be specifically Jim Carrey from Dumb and Dumber. Not saying I am dumb, but I have had some pretty dull moments.  

Who influenced you most during high school and why?  

I would say my mom and my dad. They told me when I was making mistakes but supported and helped me correct them. They are always there for me. 

Describe what you hope your life will be like in ten years.  

I hope to be financially set up in 10 years, but health and happiness take priority. I would also like to help make the world a better place in some way or another. 

Which event, events will you miss the most at Bangor and why?  

I will miss gym and the football, basketball, and baseball games. Great times with great friends! 

What is your favorite quote to live by and why?  

“You can’t lose confidence in yourself, or you have lost already. When you get knocked down, you’ve got to keep getting back up.” -Tim Tebow. I think it relates to me because not having confidence at times can be a struggle and this puts my struggle into perspective. 

What is your favorite baseball memory and why? 

My favorite baseball memory was being able to pitch during my 6th grade year in Cal Ripken through my freshman year on JV. 

Who are you asking to give you your diploma and why? 

Mrs. Diorio, my kindergarten teacher. They say that all you really need to know is what you learned in kindergarten. That holds truth. She was such a positive influence on me and made me like school from the beginning. I know she is retired, but I would really like to invite her. If I can’t pick her, then Mr. Krohn. I have always felt like he understood people and is fair and kind.

Do you have any hidden talents? If so, what is it and how did you discover it? 

I am a golden retriever whisperer. I have a way with animals and my dog, Lucy, can attest to that.