Kristina Langdon

Senior Brooke Edwards, who is passionate about her education and making the best out of her future, will be attending Lebanon Valley College in the fall of 2022.

Edwards passion for science was sparked because she found enjoyment in learning about how the world works. Due to this major interest in sciences, Edwards focused on pursuing a career in physical therapy.

“I’ve seen many injuries and experienced the feeling of always wanting to help. From not knowing what to do and the passion to help, I’ve realized that I can study physical therapy and have the ability to help people who need it,” Edwards said.

With this focus on science, Edwards has a dream of learning even more at the collegiate level as she pursues her goals.

Edwards not only excelled tremendously in her academics but has also been a multi-sport athlete throughout her high school career. She has been part of the cheerleading program as a base, Lady Slater basketball program as a forward, and the Slater Softball program as a first baseman and a catcher. In each sport, Edwards took immense pride in bringing energy and focus.

“My main responsibilities I shared with all the sports I played is that I always brought good energy and tried to be positive, as well as always being ready for everything and anything that could happen,” Edwards said.

Edwards’s motivation to keep up with the constant running of these sports came from her siblings who were also multisport athletes. Travelling in their footsteps helped pave a path to her athletic success.

“I think the biggest reason I do multiple sports is because I like to keep busy and move around. I also have friends in all the sports and just playing with them and having fun kept me coming back and continued my drive to learn more,” Edwards said.

Even though Edwards took part in so many sports throughout her high school career, she has a special passion for softball. It has always been a sport that she truly enjoys and she’s especially excited to take all the confidence and competitiveness she gained through her years at Bangor to Lebanon Valley College where she will play with the Flying Dutchman.

“Softball taught me many life lessons and skills, like how to be a good teammate and how to handle certain situations,” Edwards said.

One person that has been there for Edwards through all of her sporting events is her mother. She has always been on the sidelines and always gave great advice. Her mother always strives to push Edwards to do her best and is always by her side when needed.

“My mom has always been there for me through everything and although I didn’t realize it; I know now,” Edwards said.

With confidence in the growth she’s had throughout her years at Bangor, Edwards will be spending the last few weeks supporting her teammates on the softball field.