Paulina Poels, Reporter

Senior standout Emma Naysmith will be heading to Happy Valley this fall with plans to major in public relations and minor in business at Penn State University- University Park.

A well rounded student and athlete, Naysmith has been uber involved in clubs and activities at BHS since her freshman year.

SGA (4 years) – Class Vice President (4 years) – Varsity Track and Field (4 years) – JV Field Hockey (3 years) – National Honor Society (3 years) – Newspaper (4 years) – Reporter (1 year) – Editor (1 year) – Editor-in-Chief (2 years) – Yearbook (4 years) – Associate (1 year) – Editor (1 year) – Lead Writer (3 years) – Editor-in-Chief (2 years) – Envirothon (1 year) – Scholastic Scrimmage (1 year)

Being a diligent student didn’t mean sacrificing fun for Naysmith, who made so many great memories during her time at BHS.

“Throughout my high school experience, my favorite school event without a doubt would have to be the annual powderpuff tournament. I loved getting to learn the game of football and practice plays with my girls. Scoring touchdowns was also an exciting accomplishment,” Naysmith said.

Naysmith has been a student of Mr. Madden’s since her freshman year, taking both his mass communications and multimedia course as well as his AP language and composition course. She considers him a mentor.

“Mr. Madden definitely impacted me most throughout my high school career. He continually inspired and encouraged me to take my work to the next level and learn the value of a healthy challenge,” Naysmith said.

Being such a crucial part of the Slater Newspaper and the yearbook has given Naysmith the unique opportunity to reflect on every event that has occurred in her time here.

“I loved being able to document each school year through yearbook and newspaper. I think that those are great resources for everyone to access and reflect on the good times we shared,” Naysmith said.

Naysmith’s journalism experience has set her up perfectly for her journey at Penn State, where she plans to major in public relations and minor in business.

“I will be studying at Pennsylvania State University with an intended major in public relations and potentially a minor in business. I chose this major because it felt right. It includes all of the skills I have loved building upon these past four years. There are also a lot of different directions to go in graduation, which I like,” Naysmith said.

A popular yet selective school, Penn State University Park has proven the perfect fit for Naysmith, with unlimited connections to be made and opportunities to take advantage of.

“I chose Penn State because it had everything I wanted and more. The campus is huge and exciting, and they seem to really care about their students. The atmosphere, combined with the academics made it feel as though it was the perfect place to call home for the next four years,” Naysmith said.

With new beginnings on the horizon, Naysmith looks toward the future with excitement and eagerness to begin the next chapter of her life.

“Looking forward to college, I am most excited the opportunity I will have access to go, both inside and outside of the classroom. I am excited to learn new things and experience new experiences,” Naysmith said.

The future is bright for Naysmith, who, with all the preparation she needs and a strong head on her shoulders, will find success in whatever she does.

“In 10 years I hope to have entered the workforce, and fostered crucial relationships that will help me achieve my lifelong dreams of working somewhere within the fashion industry. I also hope to have a dog,” Naysmith said.