Eve Lanier, Reporter

Senior Charles Fassl has been singing for as long as he can remember. After completing his high school experience, Fassl plans to continue his pursuit of musical theatre in college in the hopes that it will become his fulltime career in the future.

Fassl first realized his passion for music in middle school when he joined choir in 6th grade and ultimately secured a spot in region choir with classmate Evan Finkbeiner. Since 7th grade, he has earned lead roles in five musicals, the versatility of which challenged him and has been important to his development as a vocalist and actor. Fassl’s roles throughout the years have included Troy Bolton (High School Musical Jr.), Shrek (Shrek the Musical Jr.), Harry Bright (Mamma Mia!), Archibald Craven (Carrie), and Jean Val Jean (Les Misérables.)

“You can say I started ‘acting’ in seventh grade when we did High School Musical Jr. but I don’t think that counts. Shrek was when I started taking it a little more seriously,” Fassl said. 

Fassl credits middle school choir director Mrs. Kranich for helping him to learn how to be focused and productive, and for kicking off his passion for music.

Throughout his high school years, Fassl has earned many lead roles in Bangor’s musicals over the years, as well as spots in the impressive choir and band ensembles. After competing and landing spots in district ensembles for choir, band, and orchestra, Fassl was able to advance to regionals and do the same. After this, he competed in All State choir, All Eastern choir, and secured a spot in the PMEA All National chorus – twice.

 Fassl also greatly values high school choir director Mr. DiMinico for guiding him through high school. and preparing him for the future and what it holds. He is extremely grateful for the many opportunities that have been offered to him to shine at such an early age.

“I really consider them [Mrs. Kranich and Mr. DiMinico] my mentors and I don’t know what I’d do without them,” Fassl said.

Senior year has held some of Fassl’s greatest accomplishments, including playing the lead role in the musical: Les Misérables. Although he has taken on challenges in the past, Fassl stresses that playing the convict Jean Val Jean was extremely difficult- but rewarding. This particular role more than others required much more physical involvement – including running, jumping, carrying people around, and being “manhandled”- all while singing. 

“Jean Valjean was a criminal who, through a unique opportunity, is given a chance to start over. He is trying to live a normal life but finds himself in a bunch of challenges while being hunted down by his parole officer,” Fassl said.

 Fassl’s outstanding performance had the audience at the edge of their seats and is a big contributor to the reason BAHS’s Les Misérables is still being talked about as one of Bangor’s most impressive musical productions to date. His performance also won him several nominations for the Lehigh Valley’s Freddy Awards for the categories of Outstanding Solo Vocal Performance, and Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Lead Role. 

“This was the hardest role I’ve played and I’m so glad I got to. It was the best way to end high school with a bang,” Fassl said. 

Slaters can watch Fassl’s final high school performance at Broadway Night on May 31st at the high school theatre.