Kristina Langdon , Reporter

Throughout her high school career, senior Alena De Rea has paved a successful path towards her future. She continued to develop her passion for singing by being involved in choir, Treble Choir, district and Region Chorus, the musicals and Disney Night and Broadway Night. Offstage, De Rea also spent a lot of time playing field hockey. De Rea strives to start off her career at Northampton Community College and will transfer to another college to pursue her dream of becoming a nurse practitioner.

What are your favorite classes?

Choir, Human Anatomy, Astronomy, and Chemistry

What did you excel in most?

Choir and Human anatomy

What was it about these classes that thrilled you?

I have been singing my whole life and I love it so much. It’s nice to be able to have a class where I can do the thing I love and have fun. I’ve always found interest in the body and the different parts, so I loved human anatomy and learning about the human body.

What do you want to do with your life?

I will be attending Northampton Community College for my general studies. Then I will transfer to another college into their nursing program to become a registered nurse I will also stay in school to become a nurse practitioner.

What career or careers appeal to you and why?

I always wanted to become a nurse and I love children. So, I want to become a pediatric nurse practitioner or anything that is involved in health care.

Describe, with detail, your ideal life in 10 years from now.

My ideal life in 10 years would be working as a nurse, continuing my education to become a nurse practitioner, and work either in a hospital or a doctor’s office.

Who is your biggest mentor? How did he/she contribute to your life?

My biggest mentor is Jenna Fey. She is my best friend, and I couldn’t ask for a better best friend than she is. She is a softball star, and she kills it. She’s always been there for me through thick and thin and she is just my right-hand gal. I love her so much.

What makes her unique?

We meet on the same level; we have the same crazy but no matter what we always have fun even if it is the most boring thing ever. We just laugh the whole time, and we have best friend telepathy or whatever lol.

What activities have you done throughout high school (sports, clubs, jobs)?

The activities I have done throughout high school are field hockey, choir, Treble Choir, District and Region Chorus, Student Government Association (SGA), I participate in musicals, Disney Night and coming up Broadway Night.

What were your favorite positions/roles in these activities?

I was one of the 4 field hockey captains this season. I am also the secretary of choir and for SGA I joined to have that experience my senior year. In Les Mis I had many different roles and characters, but I thought that was fun because I had to change the way I acted for each part, so it was cool.

What are/were your responsibilities?

In field hockey, I had to keep the team motivated, pumped up and overall, just have fun playing the sport. In choir, I really help with anything Mr. Di Minico needs.

Why did these activities matter to you so much? What did you like about them?

I’ve played field hockey for 6 years and I just loved how field hockey was such a team sport and how my fellow teammates and I could have fun both on and off the field. I just started musicals last year for the Secret Garden, and I regret not doing them through middle school and freshman and sophomore year; I have so much fun in them and I meet so many new people.

Who influenced you most in a positive way and why?

I think all my friends. They truly make me a better person and they give me so much support and I don’t know what I would do without them.

What is your favorite memory or thing to do in Les Mis?

My favorite memory was in Les Mis it was opening night the end of act 1 hitting the last chord in “One Day More.” It just felt so right, and I was so happy and then the audience cheering and clapping just made the memory 10 times better.

Tell us about Disney Night and Les Mis. What roles did you play? What was the most challenging part and why? Your best memory?

In Les Mis, I played many parts, but it was so much fun singing my solo parts and then sing with the ensemble and then my favorite part when I would dance. With Disney, I was Cinderella; I was so nervous with that being my first and last time being in Disney Night, but it was so much fun performing. It was great! The most challenging part was not making myself that nervous, but I just kept practicing and I got it, it was no problem. I have so many good memories overall being in the music department just being in something so great is amazing.