Parker Reimel, Reporter

Creative, funny and loving senior Kara LaBar will be attending East Stroudsburg university to study art & design.  LaBar has many fond memories at Bangor, but will remember enjoying of English, music, and, especially history class with Mrs. Harris.

While at BHS, what clubs, sports, and activities did you do?  Did you have any leadership positions in any of these? 

I was involved in GSA, Aevidum, Literary Magazine, and the musical. I did not have any leadership roles in these clubs, but I volunteered for anything if there was ever help needed.

What are your plans after graduation? College? If so, where?  If not, what are your plans?

After graduation, I plan on attending ESU for an Art + Design major with a fine art concentration to pursue a career in Art Therapy. I am living on campus as well. I’m also a part of the Honors Program at ESU.

Who will you remember most in Bangor and why?

I think I will remember either Mr. Di Minico, Mrs. Rabbat, or Mrs. Harris the most. These teachers have helped me in so many ways. Whether that was help with school, hobbies, or just life problems, each one helped me push through obstacles that I faced. They also just created an environment that was fun and comfortable to be in.

What is your best high school memory and why?

I have so many amazing memories with so many people I met and grew close to over the course of the four years. I could never choose just one memory. Each event I have experienced has meant something to me and has shaped me as a person.

What is your worst high school memory and why?

My worst high school memory is sophomore year when I was constantly bullied for just being myself. Thankfully, the bullying and harassment has stopped.

Which band could play the soundtrack to your high school days, which actor would play your part and why?

I think the band Day6 could play the soundtrack to my high school days because they have a very different genre with each of their songs. Many of their songs could fit to different events in my high school life. The actor I would have play me would be Kizzy Edgell. I chose them because, although they are British, I feel as if they would be able to accurately portray the struggles of being a nonbinary teenager in high school. Plus, I just feel like we are both pretty similar.

Who influenced you most during high school and why?

My stepmom has influenced me not only in high school but all throughout my life. She has been there for me through everything, even before her and my dad had gotten married. I am so thankful for her stepping up and guiding me through the troubles of growing up. My stepmom has always been my number one supporter as well as my biggest critic. She showed me that my past issues or problems should not affect or show how I am as a person. She showed me that growth is a great thing and change is okay.

Describe what you hope your life will be like in ten years.

In ten years, when I am 28, I would really hope to be starting my art therapy career working with children. I am not sure where I would live but I know I want to live in a small house in the countryside with a cat or two.

Which event(s) will you miss the most at Bangor and why?

The events I will miss most are the bonfire, Winter Carnival, and football games. These events are just wonderful to me because it really shows how amazing our community is. The work and effort we put into things is fantastic. When we have passion and drive to do something, we complete it and go above and beyond. There’s always so much to do and makes me feel like a family.

What is your favorite quote to live by and why?

My favorite quote to live by is “It has to rain in order for a rainbow to show.” This basically just means that it must be bad before it gets better.