Daniela Safieva, Rose Chen, Reporters

Bangor Slaters Leo Club hosted Mini-Thon at the high school gymnasium to support kids with pediatric cancer. The event was filled with amusing and intense games played by the competitive students. Overall, the six hour event was a huge success and Leo Club members were thrilled to announce an impressive total of $11,911. 31 was raised.

BIG SUCCESS! The Mini-Thon participants proudly display that raised $11,911.31. The money was donated to the Four Diamonds Foundation to help conquer childhood cancer.
EYES ON THE PRIZE! Leo Club advisor Mr. Thomas shows off the grand prize to the eager students. This prize served as one of the motivators for exhausted students through the six-hour long event.
SCOOT OVER! Mini-Thon participants engage in an intense battle of musical chairs. This was just one of the many fun activities at Mini-Thon to help raise money for fighting against pediatric cancer.
SPINNING WEBS OF VICTORY! Seniors Chloe Rogers, Mckenzi Brooks, and Leah LaBar pose with their spidey face paint as they await for the activities. Leo Club members truly are superheroes!
THE PRESSURE IS ON! Senior Emma Szabo ducks under the hula-hoop as swiftly as possible while her team looks on in anticipation. Despite being in “competition,” everyone was a winner after this great event!