Rose Chen, Daniela Safieva, Reporters

The Sadie-Hawkins dance, organized by Mr. Madden and the Slater Yearbook team (Dance decor: CeCe O’Brien, Tyler Naysmith, Rose Chen, Daniela Safieva, Liliana Rugh, as well as additional helpers, Abby Maguire, Abby Duyssen, Mckenzi Brooks, Chloe Rogers, Vera Cooper; Ticket sellers: Lauren Hoffer, Rachel Kiss, Alex Welser), was a memorable night for everyone who attended. From the dazzling lights to the glittering dresses, the party really gave Slater students a chance to shine.

IT’S RAINING BALLOONS! Ecstatic Slaters put their hands up in hopes of getting a balloon. This balloon drop was the highlight of the Sadie-Hawkins dance.
PARTY TIME! Some Slaters strike poses as they get ready for the dance to begin. Others are busy preparing their dance moves. Whatever the case, the attendees brought the energy to the room and created an epic night.
SETTING THE STAGE! Seniors Abby Maguire, Abby Duyssen, Vera Cooper, and sophomore Tyler Naysmith present the Sadie Hawkins poster. The quartet helped organize the dance and set the finishing touches.
DANCING THE NIGHT AWAY! Seniors Ben Engle and Jaydon Vilmenay happily vibe with the Sadie-Hawkins dance. However, we can see that the duo isn’t the only two enjoying the night!
MAKE WAY! Slaters clear the path for seniors Bryan Marmol and Ryan Wildrick on the dance floor. Even an injured leg won’t stop the party!