Daniela Safieva, Rose Chen, Reporters

The dodgeball tournament was held at the high school gymnasium during the school day for an interesting, funny, and enjoyable way to end the week. The student-formed teams competed against one another in the heated games and made it an unforgettable day for everyone!

READY, SET…DODGEBALL! Junior Cody Quagliato and his teammates dive towards the center to gather dodgeballs to fire at the opposing team.
MOVE ASIDE, “THE TRAIN” IS HERE! Members of “The Train” speeds towards the intense game. Their efforts were not in vain as they were able to reach the dodgeballs before the other team.
LET’S GO TEAM! Team “Taj Mabal” celebrates as they win their first round. Although they were not the final winners, they played a good game.
YOU BETTER WATCH OUT! Junior Cameron Stout gives his opponents a mischievous look, a warning that a ball may come flying towards them soon.
CHAMPS! “My Bois” take the win in the dodgeball tournament. Their hard efforts throughout the game paid off at the end.