Rose Chen, Daniela Safieva, Reporters

After months of preparation, the Anastasia musical cast and crew impressed audiences with four incredible performances on March 31, April 1 &2!

TWIRL! Tsar Nicholas II (Nick Janneck) dances with his daughter, young Anastasia (Malaya Makowski).
PARIS! Anya (Lizzy Rutt), Vlad (Jace Paynter), and Dimitry (Andrew Spagnola) sing their hearts out in Paris.
HUSH! There’s a rumor in St. Petersburg that Princess Anastasia may be alive!
BACKSTAGE MAGIC! The Anastasia stage crew wears their trademark black outfits, displaying their teamwork skills once again! Although they were not ‘performing’, the stage crew played an important role in the success of the musical.
BEHIND THE MUSIC! The pit members are revealed, posing with their corresponding instruments.