Cecilia O'Brien, Editor in Chief

Caring and reliable senior Rose Chen plans to attend Baruch College and major in accounting. Chen has been involved in many organizations at Bangor, such as Aevidum and yearbook, and has used her determination and kindness to help better the Slater community.

What are your favorite classes? 

My favorite classes are French, astronomy, and accounting. The teachers for these classes really made me look forward to having the class but also the contents of the classes were interesting! In French class, I was able to study a different language. Astronomy class allowed me to learn about and appreciate the universe more. Last but not least, accounting class allowed me to find a career to pursue.

What career do you plan on pursuing? 

I plan to become an accountant as they are the backbone of businesses. The skills that I learn through accounting can also be applied to my personal life as well, so pursuing accounting would be able to benefit me outside of my career.

Describe your ideal life 10 years from now.

My ideal life 10 years from now would be working as an accountant in New York City. I also hope to have taken my CPA exam by then and that I’m able to travel in my free time.

What is your best high school memory?

My best high school memory would be helping with the Mother’s Day flower sale junior year. We had planted all the flowers ourselves in horticulture class and it was fun seeing the flowers bloom from the tiny seeds. Even before the sale had begun, there was a line forming from members of our community, eager to buy the plants. This made me feel happy about picking a horticulture class, as I wouldn’t have been able to experience this otherwise.

Which events will you miss the most?

I will miss the spirit weeks and pep rallies the most because during those two events, our school would come together and dress up or show support for each other. For spirit weeks, it was also fun to see people dress up in clothes that they typically might not wear.

Who will you remember most in Bangor?

I think I’ll remember Tara Dietzler, Hailey Farber, Carly Caiazzo, and Mia DeWald the most. Tara was my first friend here in Bangor and she really helped me feel welcomed. All four of them helped me throughout my high school career, whether it was working on projects together, giving advice, or just enjoying each other’s company and knowing that there was someone I can rely on.

What activities have you participated in during your high school career? Which is your favorite?

I was involved in SADD, Aevidum, and the yearbook. It’s hard to just pick one but it might have to be working with the yearbook because it was fun to put together and it allowed me to look back on events that happened throughout the year. I was one of the editors of the yearbook which gave me the privilege of working on the yearbook and previewing it before most people can!